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What is NLP?
Breaking Bad Habits
Good Feeling Meditation
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What is NLP?(back to top)

NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) is a technique of reworking your thought patterns to bring about a change in your emotions, behaviors and beliefs. It comprises of many different tools, many you can do for yourself (scroll for exercises below) while some you want the guidance of a practitioner. Just like we need a mirror to see certain parts of our face, there are times in our lives that we need the guidance of a trained professional to help you navigate through life during the times when you need an objective person to put things in perspective. It is NOT psychotherapy. It is based on what you want to feel, where you want to be, who you want to become in your life right now.

To schedule a session, please call 619.786.3033 for a phone consult so I know how I can help you change your beliefs, behaviors and relationship patterns so they are a resource for your happiness and inner peace.


Breaking Unresourceful Habits

For every unresourceful action, there is an emotional hole that’s yearning to be filled.  So in the next few days, observe yourself when you get into one of the patterns that you want to stop.  Trace back in time to the minute before you took a step, and find your emotional and psychological state; were you feeling angry, sad or anxious?  Or were you just plain bored?  Once you’ve identified that emotion, establish a different response.  Use the following template:

“When I am   [insert emotional state here]  , I want to   [insert new response here]  .”

Here’s an example:


“When I am bored, I smoke a cigarette.”


“When I am bored, I take a walk.” or
“When I am bored, I listen to music.” or
“When I am bored, I write in my journal.”

Write this statement down on as many visible places as you can: post-it notes on your mirror, your screen saver, tweet it, post is as a Facebook status, set a daily reminder on both your phone and computer... whatever it takes.  Do this for at least 60 days.

Good Feeling Meditation (back to top)

Try this meditation when you are about to experience something new.

1. Find a private space and a comfortable sitting position.

2. Bring up the memory of a time, place, thing, person that you want to recreate. It can be just a brief memory that can go from several seconds to a few minutes, however long it was that you experienced a purely joyful emotion. Make sure that your memory is as detailed as possible: time period, place, what you were wearing, what you were hearing, who you were with, what you looked like, etc.

3. Get connected with the feeling that you have and describe it in detail (elated, satisfied, loved, excited, alive). Notice where you feel this feeling in your body. See it being expressed outward from you body, then circulate it back to your lower abdomen area (lower dantien) and see that feeling circle back to the original place in your body. Do this a few times until your body is filled with the emotions you want to feel.

4. Go back to the memory. First, turn down all the sounds (actually turning a pretend knob in the air might help). Repeat # 3. Then, imagine the images of yourself, the place, everything turn to black and white. Repeat # 3 and continue through the next step. Finally, see everything start to fade, first the outlines then the whole image. See it melting before your very eyes. Keep repeating #3 at this time until all you have is the feeling within you.

5. Take 3 cleansing breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, with the third exhale bringing you back to the present moment.

6. Try something different. Or experience the same thing differently.


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