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Breath Empowerment
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Science of Breath
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Why a class on breath?

"The single most effective relaxation technique I know is conscious regulation of breath. By simply putting your attention on your breathing, you move in the direction of relaxation. There are many worse places to have your attention - your thoughts, for one, since thoughts are the source of much of our anxiety, guilt, unhappiness. Get in the habit of shifting your awareness to your breath whenever you find yourself dwelling on upsetting thoughts."
~Dr. Andrew Weil, Natural Health, Natural Medicine

The Breath Empowerment

Sunday, September 3rd 3:30 - 5:00pm
Tuesday, September 19th 6:30 - 8:00pm

Fee: $20 (online pre-registration strongly recommended)

The Warrior's Breath is a Vedic practice that utilizes upper chest breathing to expand the lung's capacity for inspiration, allowing the body to experience the energetic power of oxygen coursing through the body. Practitioners have reported feeling a deep sense of healing, a buzzing vibration, and a blissful meditation. By increasing your body's ability to breathe, you allow not only release of tension and toxins, but also experience profound transformation of the physical, and emotional body.

If you have a yoga mat, please bring it with you. Otherwise, we have yoga mats that we can provide to a limited number of people. Please click on the flyer below to register online.


This practice is not suitable for those who are pregnant or who have been diagnosed with epilepsy

Breath & Sound Vibration Immersion

Friday, October 27th 7 - 9pm
Fee: $35 (online pre-registration strongly recommended)

The science of the healing vibration of sound has been studied for many years; there is even a theory that the rooms at the bottom of the Pyramids of Giza are different sounding chambers designed to heal specific disorders. This vibration healing can also be created through sustained full breaths, as the body absorbs the healing oxygen it requires to activate various physical and chemical functions.

This event seeks to marry the two modalities, creating a full-body sensation of vibration on many different levels. You will emerge feeling cleansed, renewed, and transformed. As you relax through each state, the body is able to heal itself in the perfect environment, and the mind is able to disengage from incessant worrying and over-thinking.

During the first hour, we will practice the Advanced Breath Empowerment, which seeks to focus the energy we harness during our breathwork into more specific areas. This very active practice then slows down into a deep meditation, during which you can relax to the healing sounds of Gongs and other supportive instruments.

Due to the advanced nature of this practice, we are only inviting practitioners with prior experience in The Breath Empowerment.

Irene Radley facilitates the breath and Kenneth Goff creates the sound.


This practice is not suitable for those who are pregnant or who have been diagnosed with epilepsy

The Science of Breath (back to top)
Below is a list of published scientific studies regarding the health applications of Advanced Breathwork. We will update this list periodically so that you, the practitioner, will be more informed as you share your practice with the community.

1. Changes in body equilibrium response caused by breathing. A posturographic study with visual feedback


Group 1 and 2 (breath work groups) show significantly better results in the posturographic test with visual feedback than subjects without experience in breath work (group 3). Furthermore, posturographic results immediately after one hour of breath work reveal clear improvements in the body equilibrium.

2. Randomized, controlled trial of breath therapy for patients with chronic low-back pain


Pre- to post-intervention, patients in both groups improved in pain (VAS: -2.7 with breath therapy, -2.4 with physical therapy; SF-36: +14.9 with breath therapy and +21.0 with physical therapy). Breath therapy recipients improved in function (Roland: -4.8) and in the physical and emotional role (SF-36: +15.5 and 14.3). Physical therapy recipients improved in vitality (SF-36: +15.0). Average improvements were not different between groups. At six to eight weeks, results showed a trend favoring breath therapy.

Study review on Massage.com

3. Mind-Body Treatments for the Pain-Fatigue-Sleep Disturbance Symptom Cluster in Persons with Cancer


Imagery/hypnosis and CBT/CST interventions have produced improvement in all the three cancer-related symptoms individually: pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance. Relaxation has resulted in improvements in pain and sleep disturbance. Meditation interventions have demonstrated beneficial effects on fatigue and sleep disturbance. Music interventions have demonstrated efficacy for pain and fatigue. No trials were found that tested the mind-body interventions specifically for the pain-fatigue-sleep disturbance symptom cluster.

Student Testimonials (back to top)


"Last night was intense, woke up today still buzzing!" Jon (Pacific Beach, CA)

"Great head/body/spirit expansion." P.A. (San Diego, CA)

"I'm so happy that I attended last Sunday's 9 Breath Circle.  I enjoyed the small intimate group too and the community center is a beautiful space.  Thank you for having it there.  I am glad that my heart opened up during the breath empowerment.  Thank you again!"  Mia (Ocean Beach, CA)

"Thank you for the profoundly joyful and life affirming experience in your Breath Empowerment class on Monday evening. I had no idea I would experience anything like that, that I was capable of feeling that type of powerful energy flow. I literally felt like there was an undulating mask on my face - and felt tingling even after I left class. I felt surrounded by love. I gave your information to one of my teacher trainer leads this evening. I want everyone to come to your class now!" Susie (San Diego, CA)

...about our 9-BREATH MEDITATION

"When I practice Qigong, I feel that it cultivates my internal qi. Practices like these allow me to feel like I am really sharing this qi of friendship with everything. Thank you. " Suzanne (San Diego, CA)

Why do I need to take a class on breath? I do it every day! (back to top)

Breath regulates the flow of Qi in the body. That is the most fundamental reaason why we incorporate so much breathing into our practice of Qigong.

As we continue to discover through research, breath has countless physiological benefits:

1. Breath promotes the oxygenation of the muscles, allowing them to relax.

2. As a result of increased relaxation, the body is able to maintain balance.

3. When you breathe, your body has to produce more healthy cells that can metabolize the extra oxygen. So diseased cells that thrive in oxygen-depleted enviroments simply die or get repaired.

4. When you breathe, you are oxygenating your blood, creating an alkaline environment in which healthy cells can thrive.

5. By the process of relaxing the muscles by opening the body's channels, blood pressure is lowered, moving towards and staying at healthy levels with continued practice.

6. When integrated with the movements of Qigong, breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system promoting better function, focus and creativity.

7. Our organs, including the lungs, are muscles with very specific functions. It can therefore be said that wehn you exercise your lungs, it gets sstronger. If you stretch any muscle, and that is what advanced breathing techniques do, it becomes flexible. So continued practice will definitely increase not only your lung capacity, but also your body's ability to process oxygen.


Pacific Beach:
4852 Cass Street
San Diego, CA 92109
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We carry a variety of tools designed to help you maintain your personal practice outside of class. We highly recommend using these tools as often as possible at home and attend a few classes during the month for corrections, additional information regarding the technique, and because the group energy is stronger that it enhances your experience of Qi. Click on the product name for payment and shipping instructions.

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