Crown chakra is the seventh and it’s located at the top of your head. It represents your spiritual connection.

It can be a spiritual connection with the universe, others or yourself.

In this article, I will tell you crown chakra affirmations to unlock your spiritual connection.

Use the statements to expand your consciousness.

You will learn a lot more about how the chakra system works when you finally get to your first yoga class.

Here are more than twenty crown chakra affirmations to incorporate in your daily meditation….

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  1. I am divine
  2. I am beautiful, pure and radiant
  3. I accept myself totally
  4. I am light
  5. My spiritual insight is clear
  6. I honour others
  7. I live in the moment
  8. I am worthy of divine energy
  9. I can willingly let go of attachments
  10. I am open to new ideas
  11. I am my most authentic self
  12. Peace flows through me
  13. I honour the divinity that exists in me
  14. I am connected to the source of happiness, health, love and abundance
  15. I surrender to the positive and loving will of the universe
  16. My highest self guides my decisions and actions
  17. I accept spiritual guidance from a higher power
  18. I have faith in my divine path
  19. I am a source of positive energy
  20. I am selfless
  21. I trust and follow my intuition
  22. I am at ease
  23. I can go beyond my limiting beliefs
  24. I am boundless and infinite
  25. I am spiritual truth

As you can see, the crown chakra is connected greatly to your spiritual energy.

Since affirmations are linked to the mind, the combination with crown chakra energy will work perfectly.

It’s believed that the crown chakra helps you reach a high level of understanding more than any other chakras.

It’s where you get your ultimate liberation.

If you have been craving a spiritual connection or better understanding in different aspects of your life, try opening your crown chakra.

What Does Opening Your Crown Chakra Mean?

Opening your chakra is like the blossoming of a flower.

If you want to open your crown chakra, you will feel tremendous peace a stronger spiritual connection.

You will start to feel a deeper connection, all your anger issues or frustrations will decrease.

You will know you have more control and have divine energy looking after you.

Opening your chakra is basically unlocking all the benefits associated with it.

It does take some efforts like the use of affirmations to keep everything balanced.

You will also need some form of mindfulness exercises like tai chi, yoga or meditation.

All these things combined will open your crown chakra and make you more aware of your spirituality.

The chakra will open up gradually.

You will not have to deal with the spiritual energies all at once because it can be overwhelming.

You will see the benefits manifest themselves in your life at a slow pace.

You will experience different sides of life and develop a deeper appreciation for your sense of self.

Signs Your Crown Chakra Is Opening.

Everyone is different, and that is why they experience different things when their chakras are opening.

But there are some signs or symptoms that are common with most people.

The crown chakra connects you to the universe.

You may start feeling more connected with your surrounding better than you had before.

Other people change their lifestyles entirely from the food they eat to how they relate to others.

The urge to change can be a sign that your crown chakra is opening.

The chakra will not change you, but you will develop a new perspective that will motivate you to change.

It can also be a result of the positive affirmations you chant to yourself every day.

The people around you may even point out that you radiate different energy when you start your spiritual connection.

When you start feeling the manifestation, keep doing what you do to keep the energy balanced.

You may also start receiving spiritual messages, dreams or visions. But these are not guaranteed to happen for everyone.

But your intuitions will alert you at all times to help you navigate your new world.

Which of these Crown Chakra Affirmations Will You Use?

Use these twenty-five affirmations to unlock your crown chakra and keep it open.

If you feel like chanting them out loud is too much for you, try writing them down.

They are very helpful, especially when you are having doubts about your spirituality.

These words can take you back to your rightful path.

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