The heart chakra, also known as the Anahata, is responsible for showing compassion and the ability to love.

I don’t think there is any surprise when you think about the name and the fact that the chakra is located near the heart.

This fourth chakra is very significant, and it’s represented by the colour green.

It’s one of the chakras I always want to stay on. So I have a long list of affirmations to keep the heart chakra open.

Here is a list of heart chakra affirmations if you are in the process of unlocking your heart chakra.

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  1. I am worthy of love
  2. I love myself and others
  3. I am peaceful
  4. I direct light and love towards myself
  5. I forgive myself and grow from my mistakes
  6. My heart is open
  7. I have an infinite supply of love
  8. I let go of all resentments
  9. I chose to be united with every being
  10. I use love as my guiding truth in life
  11. I live in a balanced state
  12. I choose to love every day
  13. It is safe for me to be loved and to love
  14. I am grateful for my life blessings
  15. I create supportive and loving relationships
  16. I choose to see others and myself in a compassionate light
  17. I radiate light and positivity
  18. I embrace who I am as I grow
  19. I choose to connect over dividing
  20. I am worthy of adoration and praise
  21. I know deep inner peace
  22. I lead with love
  23. I lovingly nurture my spirit, mind and body
  24. I am in love with my present
  25. I am love

It’s all about love when you talk about the heart chakra, and you can see the affirmations reflect that.

The love you will experience at this chakra will be different from the passionate and sexual love found in the sacral chakra.

The heart chakra is the centre of all the seven chakras.

Since it’s your central love centre, you should strive to ensure it’s always balanced.

You will also achieve inner peace and a sense of wholeness.

No one is really complete without some love; it can be from others or yourself.

How Can Your Heart Chakra Get Blocked?

The chakras attract their core energy; if you are bottling many negative emotions, that is what will be manifested.

That is why you use affirmations to ensure your chakras never get blocked.

This mainly happens when negative emotional energy from improperly dealing with past experiences builds up.

This leads to clogging that interferes with the energy flow.

The barriers can also come from outside sources, but they are mostly from within.

If your chakras are not functioning at their optimal, you will constantly be having issues with your emotions.

Using affirmations is an effective way to heal your heart chakra when it’s blocked.

Repeat them as often as possible, but also keep up with your mindfulness exercises.

If you have struggled in the past with opening up yourself to love, your chakra may be blocked or not balanced.

Unless you find a way to heal the heart chakra, you will constantly be experiencing dissatisfaction.

You may also be struggling with the relationship you have with yourself, and that is not ideal.

Affirmations will help you shift your energy and mind to a place of love.

How to Use the Heart Chakra Affirmations

Suppose you have discovered that your heart chakra, there is no need to packing.

You can start the healing process by being steady with yoga and other meditation practices.

You can also use affirmations to get your chakra system balanced again.

You can chant the positive statements silently in your head or as loud as you want every day.

It’s vital to get the positive energy flowing if you want to experience a shift in your chakra after a short while.

Do your chants during meditation or when you are calm and relaxed.

Writing the words of affirmation down will also work.

As long as you put the positive energy out there in the universe, everything will be okay. Get a journal where you can note down your daily affirmations.

Affirmations For Unbocking Heart Chakras

These are twenty-five essential heart chakra affirmations to live by.

It’s important that you say them as often as possible and when you are not under too much pressure and stress.

You can start a daily ritual so that you never forget to chant the positive statements to yourself.

There is no specific time for chanting; you can make one that works for you.

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