After a church service, we got into a conversation with a fellow congregant about blessings and miracles.

I always thought there was a fine line that separates these two. However, after my discussion, I discovered a significant difference between those two.

I, therefore, took the liberty of compiling some of the differences that I found pretty interesting. I hope this post sheds some light on your life and that you learn something new today.

1. Blessings are defined as invoking divine favor upon oneself. Some ministers may define blessings as prosperity to endow or confer well-being.

On the other hand, a miracle is defined as an inexplicable event that happens by the laws of nature.

These are supernatural events that are an act of God or originate from him. These definitions, though, are rather peculiar.

2. I noticed that people crave miracles more than they do blessings in my observation.

For instance, when you head into a church, a blind man, who was part of the congregation, is healed and regains his vision. That is a miracle.

Someone blessed with good health may not need to go around looking for a miracle. Thus, you will find that people are less appreciative of blessings than miracles.

Once you go into a church, many people idolize their pastors and see them as “gods” because they are only looking for a miracle in their lives. If it does not happens, they look for another, and this cycle never ends.

We should lead our lives seeking God’s blessings rather than miracles. However, do not get me twisted.

I did not say seeking miracles is a bad thing. However, what do you really want in your life in the long term?

3. Miracles are short-lived, but blessings are for the long haul. By observation, miracles bring short-term relief into our lives.

They are short-lived. For instance, if the healed blind man loses faith or something else happens to him, he might lose sight.

We must all remain steadfast in God if we are to keep his miracles in our lives. Let us not forget to always keep the faith.

Blessings last longer. Often, this is the fruit of a great relationship with God. If you are always thankful, appreciative, prayerful, and helpful to others, you will live a blessed. Not only in health but also in wealth.

Practical examples to distinguish miracles from blessings

Another way to look at these two avenues of provision is by thinking of miracles as unexpected occurrences. A man who has eyeballs in his sockets but is soon healed and gets their sight is said to be healed.

However, a person who did not have eyeballs in his eye sockets but, through mysterious ways, receives his sight back is said to have received a miracle.

This is a miracle because his eyeballs have been replaced and fitted in their eye sockets.

I am trying to say here that a miracle calls for total parts replacement. The person received a fresh pair of eyeballs.

On the other hand, healing can be a correction of sections of the body that were previously dysfunctional.

Blessing of miracles, how does God intend for us to live?

Many people, including myself, live in real crises in everyday situations. God never had any intentions for us to live a life full of misery and crisis. He blessed us that we may lead prosperous lives.

Blessing is a word that means to prosper. That blessing protects us from suffering and even from any attackers that may harm us.

For instance, the human body was created mysteriously. It can heal all on its own.

This means that God intended for us to live in divine health with nothing missing or broken.

That is because God has only the purest intentions for us. God wants us to live by his blessings and not rely on miracles.

As mentioned earlier, I am not against miracles because I have experienced several, and the feeling was incredible. However, this is not God’s best.

God loves us too much that He will come through in our lives in whichever means we need Him for. If you need Him to come through for you by a miracle, then that is what you shall have.

However, if you need Him to bless you, then this is what He shall do. You shall live a life full of everyday blessings.

As for myself, I want God’s blessings in my life. I want to lead a life in divine health with nothing missing or broken.

I also want divine protection and provision all the days of my life. Moreover, I think you should too.


  • Blessings are long-term, and miracles provide short-term relief
  • Many people crave miracles than they do blessings
  • God intended for us to lead blessed lives and not rely on miracles
  • God will come through for you in whichever way you need Him to.

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