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The 30 days of gratitude challenge is a great way way to open your eyes and see what’s important in your life right now.

Your brain is designed to focus on one emotion at a time, so we use the gratification challenge to experience a happy state.

We will find a way to induce a happy state and feel good about life.

Our brain has a difficult time dealing with our emotions. For that reason, it can only truly focus on one emotion at a time.

We’ve all had that feeling when we’re sad and having a good cry, but something makes us laugh and that laugh is just amazing.

In the 30-day gratitude challenge, we will record three things every day that we are grateful for.

The most important start to your day occurs in the first hour you’re awake.

Try not to open Facebook or check your Instagram, as these tend to dictate your mood.

Instead, take a few deep breaths and consciously say that you’re about to start a new day.

Each breath is going to make you more aware of where you are.

As you inhale, prepare yourself to let all your negative energy leave with your breath, and inhale all the fresh air and let your lungs and chest expand.

Exhale the negative feelings, and inhale deeply to take all that beautiful fresh air into your lungs and cleanse your body.

Now we are ready for the challenge. Get a cheap notebook, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. This will be our gratitude journal (try writing these gratitude quotes).

It will stay beside your bed ready for this moment. We will use it two times every day.

Once, just before we sleep, and again when we wake up in the morning.

Each day, we will write 2 or 3 things that we are grateful for in life the gratitude journal (which studies prove makes your life better).

I try to write one every night, one every morning, and one will occur to me during the day.

Before you write it, truly experience the feeling it gives you.

Think about why you are choosing this to be one of your three things for the day. Get into the habit of thinking about how you feel now.

Why is this worthy to be put in your journal? What is the feeling it gives you?

Why are you happy to have this moment as a memory?

This helps you to enjoy the moment as you are cementing this into your memory.

The next time you read through your journal, you will immediately get taken back to the same feeling.

You will remember the smile you had, the warm feeling in your heart, and the happiness.

Life is short, and it pays to store happy memories. Be grateful for the little things as they are what will shape your tomorrow.

Each time you make a new entry to your journal, read the last three and remember what’s important in your life.

Life is just a longer version of a 30-day gratitude challenge.

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