The sacral chakra is the second of seven that are centred all over your body’s energy system.

It takes effort to open all your seven chakras, but affirmations have always helped.

I feel passionate about yoga because it’s where my meditation practices started and where I came to learn about chakras.

I look forward to sharing some of the affirmations associated with the sacral chakra.

Read on for more details on the second chakra and plenty of affirmations.

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How Can Sacral Chakra Affirmations Help With Meditation?

Affirmations are positive words that heal all the negative energy trapped in your chakras.

Employing the positive statements in your life will get your positive balance back and help you focus your meditation.

Most of them are targeted at healing your emotions and help you grow.

They allow you to get rid of any chakra blockage that undermines your mental and emotional health.

They say words are very powerful; what you chant to yourself constantly will shape your emotions and thinking.

If you take these words to heart, you will achieve all the desires you want with the help of their positive energy.

Repetitive use of positive words every day will bring out your self-belief, confidence and positive outlook.

Arm yourself with at least a couple of lines every morning and see how things change.

The sacral chakra is mostly responsible for emotions.

So you will unlock a lot of emotions that were being blocked.

If you have problems with intimacy, sexuality and forming healthy connections with others, you need to open your sacral.

Insecurities can be a symptom of blockage.

You will find a lot of courage from the affirmations to keep practising yoga, tai chi or any other mindfulness exercise you enjoy.

The affirmations statements are all positive to make it easy for you to adopt them. But they demand your faith and trust for the words to work.

You also need to have a clear mind when you chant these words of affirmations. I usually recite them mostly in the morning when I still have a clear head.

But you can also do it when you are doing your breathing exercises or during meditation, depending on with works for you.

Saying the statements when you are busy or stressed will make it difficult to concentrate.

You can say them out loud or quietly in your mind; there are no restrictions. It doesn’t matter how you choose to affirm. What you have to do is absorb the meaning.

30 Affirmations During Meditation

  1. I rejoice in my sexuality
  2. I respect and honour my body
  3. I deserve love and desire
  4. I enjoy a passionate and vibrate life
  5. I am a creative being
  6. I have plenty of ways to express myself
  7. I have free-flowing and balanced emotions
  8. I let my creativity flow freely
  9. I am allowing positive energy to flow through me
  10. I am lovable and desirable
  11. Limitless joy is my birthright
  12. I am not afraid of intimacy
  13. My energy is positive
  14. I make time for fun, play and pleasure in my life
  15. I am worthy of respect
  16. I am comfortable in my body
  17. I am forgiving and compassionate
  18. I accept and appreciate my passionate life
  19. I let go of past traumas
  20. I have achieved emotional self-sufficiency
  21. I respect boundaries set by others
  22. I never allow people to cross my boundaries
  23. My life is brimming with lots of happiness
  24. I am capable of caring for myself and others
  25. I can share my happiness with the world
  26. I have peace within
  27. I have the power to create what I desire
  28. I am spontaneous and open to change
  29. I allow my instincts to guide me
  30. I derive pleasure from different aspects of life

Sacral chakra plays a significant role in physical and emotional wellbeing.

The affirmations are also crucial for your mentality; they can shift how you view yourself and others.

Upkeep of your chakras is crucial to keeping them balanced and open.

Taking efforts ensures you have a well-aligned chakra system that brings you joy.

That is why you need to perform these chakra affirmations daily to keep your sacral chakra healthy.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations To Do During Meditation

You now have thirty affirmations to open your sacral chakra and help with your meditation.

Set some time aside in your busy day when you are least disrupted and recite one or two of the affirmations.

You can add some soothing music or light candles to make the moment all the more special and meaningful.

All the negative energies in your life acting as hindrances will be a thing of the past.

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