Throat chakra is responsible for detecting emotions, sending energy levels to the rest of the body, communicating and expressing your feelings.

When you experience blockage or imbalance of your chakras during Tai Chi and chakras, it means that you’re spiritual, mental and physical health has been affected and needs opening.

I have been a Chakra practitioner since my teenage-hood; I am now 38years of age, married with kids.

I sometimes experience throat chakra blockage, making me fearful about speaking out my heart and building anxiety.

I practice meditation, among other Chakra moves to open my throat Chakra.

You are at the correct page if you are looking for symptoms for throat Chakra opening.

I will guide you to the end on what to watch for to detect throat Chakra opening from personal experience below…

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1.Clear voice

When you experience throat chakra blockage, your voice is hoarse because of throat sores.

Throat sores lead to respiratory tract infections which affect the voice.

Once you experience a smooth voice and words coming out clearly, it is an indication that your throat Chakra is opening.

One important symptom to watch for your throat chakra opening is that you will be confident to speak out your emotions and you will resume the normal aura and communications.

If you happen to be shy when interacting,

Throat chakra opening does the wonder of making you unique and sensible.

It all starts with the inner voice to outside communication by reenergizing the voice.

2. Easy to speak the truth without fear

Whether you have small or big truths to put forth, an open throat chakra allows you to be confident without fearing how other people will think of you.

When you can speak up your mind, it is an indication that your throat Chakra is opening.

You may be tempted to tell lies in favor of you, even things that can be obvious when experiencing throat chakra blockage.

However, when it starts to open, you get the energy and enthusiasm of being true to yourself.

You get the integrity to hold a conversation even in critical issues you were afraid to tell in the past.

Improved listening skills

How is your current communication? Are you good at turn takings when interacting?

If you notice that you are a good listener and paying attention to others, it is clear that your throat Chakra is opening.

Using open throat chakra energy, you will be an active listener to other people’s opinions and seeing sense in what they speak.

By doing so, there will be a flow of communication, and you will gain knowledge and skills from each other.

Another benefit is that you will get all the information that the other party has to offer.

Listening skills give the other person the confidence to express their feelings without fear of critics.

3.Viaduct between the heart and mind consistency

The throat chakra is situated between the heart and the third eye to the crown chakra.

Throat chakra acts as a communication viaduct between the heart’s feelings and the intelligence of the mind.

When the throat Chakra is imbalanced, there is a low energy flow from the heart to the mind.

An open throat chakra is a transition of energy to other parts of the body.

The transition allows you to express your mind and heart.

4. .Expanding singing ability

Apart from communicating, you may have the ability to sing, but throat chakra blockage stops you from the smooth vocal list.

When the throat chakra is opening, you will be creative and full of energy and appreciate your vocals.

You will develop an interest in learning new instruments and narrating poems.

You will automatically be full of energy and confidence to stand before people and present your creativity if you have a smooth voice.

That’s How To Open Your Throat Chakra And The Symptoms 

I believe that you can now tell whether the throat chakra is opening or if you need to need to begin the opening process.

The article explains four symptoms to watch for to know if your throat Chakra is opening.

Enjoy your chakra journey as you work to get your throat chakra opening for effective communication and energy.

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