If you are new to the world of chakras, it might be difficult to know when one of the seven chakras is opening.

You have to recognize the different chakra opening symptoms.

The root chakra is the first one and the base of your energy flow.

I can’t say I noticed the symptoms the first time they happened.

But after a while, you learn to know when a transformation is happening.

I have shared a few symptoms to look out for if you want to know when your root chakra is opening.

The symptoms don’t happen in any particular order but here they are…

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  1. Feeling Grounded

The root chakra is directly connected to the earth; it’s responsible for stability and safety.

You may experience an overwhelming sense of grounding as a symptom when your root chakra is opening.

Your mind will not be crowded with irrational thoughts.

You may also notice your heart rate will become a bit slower, but that may not happen all the time.

The overall anxiety you usually feel will decrease.

When you are grounded, you can healthily process your thoughts and feelings hence less stress and anxiety.

If you have been doing everything to unlock the root chakra and you start experiencing the sense of grounding, know the manifestation is happening.

You will be able to live in the moment with less fear.

That will be the work of your meditations, mindfulness exercises and use of affirmations.

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  1. Tingling and Heat

This is a vague symptom, but that is how it is supposed to be.

Also, it’s not specific to the root chakra but to all the seven chakras.

It’s common for people whose chakra is opening to feel some sort of tingling or heat on different parts of the body.

This happens when the chakra vibrations are established on your mind and body.

But you will start to feel the heat or tingling on the parts associated with the chakra you are trying to open.

It’s one of the symptoms that are easy to miss or associate with other aspects.

The sensation of heat will tell you a shift is happening in your energy flow. So watch out for your pelvic floor and your palms.

  1. Difficulty Sleeping

This is one of the troublesome side effects of opening your root chakra.

But you have to understand the level of blockage differs from one person to the next.

That means the intensity of the symptoms will also differ. But many people have some trouble falling asleep when their root chakra is manifesting.

But after your root chakra is balanced, you will have a quality sleep every night.

It’s also believed that your dreams may become vivid.

This happens when your unconscious gets involved in the transformation.

Everything will be back to normal once your first chakra is fully opened.

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  1. You Gain A Sense Of Safety

The root chakra is also known to provide stability and safety.

You will have a greater sense of being safer and secure in your skin.

Your confidence will also increase when you achieve balance.

There will be no more self-consciousness; you might even find yourself standing up for yourself more often.

The realization of your self-worth will be extremely valuable.

If you were mostly feeling unsafe or unsure about yourself more times than you can count, you have to unlock the root chakra.

It’s the best way to overcome your insecurities and gain a new level of safety and stability.

  1. Being Able To Hear Your Body

The resonation of the body is also a significant symptom.

The root chakra will give you tools to communicate with your body.

You will be more sensitive, so even small symptoms of sickens will be greatly felt.

It is generally a good thing because you will know if there is something wrong with your body early on.

This symptom will also affect your sacral chakra. So your emotions will also be heightened.

This makes sense because the sacral chakra is the second in line.

Most of the root chakra symptoms are unique. You need a lot of attention to understand them and interpret what they mean.

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Common Symptoms of Root Chakra Opening

These are five common symptoms of root chakra opening. You may experience all of these signs or maybe just one.

It depends on how imbalanced your root chakra was before you started opening it.

Some of the symptoms, like trouble sleeping, will disappear after the chakra is balanced.

Noticing these signs is a good thing because it means your efforts are working and the root chakra is opening.

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