Since I was 24 years old, 8 form Tai Chi has been part of my daily routines as it helps me feel healthier and more relaxed.

While I have mastered most of the movements, I have realised that it can be extremely challenging for students who don’t practise regularly.

So for beginners, you can start with the 8 Movement Form Tai Chi before you proceed to other levels.

In this article, I will explain the 8 Form Tai Chi and some of the reasons you should try it.

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What is 8 Form Tai Chi?

The 8 Movement Tai Chi is a simplified form of the traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and is developed to provide students with the basics needed to move to the 24 Movement Form.

This Form will help you master basics such as posture, proper breathing, balance and concentration, which are a requirement before proceeding to the more advanced Form.

In addition to the basics, practising the 8 Movement Form Tai Chi will also help you develop the flow of body and mind, which are both needed to achieve Tai Chi’s fluid and gentle movements.

Experts created the 8 movements to reduce the number of movements in the 24 form Tai Chi.

This move was inspired by the fact that many people struggled to learn the 24 Form.

Since these movements are simple, anyone can practise them at home using videos.

The 8 Form Tai Chi also has room for modifications to help students maintain the flow without much struggle.

Movements for the Tai Chi 8 Form

Below is a list of all the 8 Form Tai Chi movements.

  • Reverse reeling forearms
  • Bush knee push
  • Part the wild horse’s mane
  • Wave hands like clouds
  • Rooster stands on one leg
  • kick with Heel
  • Grasp the peacock’s tail
  • Cross Hands

Reasons to Try Tai Chi

The main reason to try the 8 form Tai Chi is to learn some basics to help you proceed to the next levels.

Tai Chi can have numerous benefits to your overall well-being when done correctly, like decreasing stress and anxiety, improved muscle strength, and improved aerobic capacity.

While you can learn the basics from Tai Chi books and videos, consider getting some guidance from a qualified Tai Chi instructor to learn proper techniques and gain full benefits.

8 Form Tai Chi Summarised

As explained above, the 8 Form Tai Chi is a simplified form of the 24 Form Tai Chi, developed to help students learn the basics before proceeding to the next levels.

It will help you master basics such as posture, proper breathing, balance and concentration, essential in any Tai Chi form.

All the best with your Tai Chi.

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