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YouTube is an ideal place for both Tai Chi beginners and experts. It gives an Audio-visual representation that one can follow and perfect.

There are many 8 minute Tai Chi videos you can sample, but I will show you my favourite ones. I have grown through my martial arts journey, thanks to these videos (and these 5 minute Tai Chi videos).

Here are 10 of the best Tai Chi videos that last 8 minutes…

1. Don Fiore’s Tai Chi for BeginnersIt was among my first Tai Chi beginners video on YouTube.

It taught me balance, concentration and how to use my weight in training.

What stood out was the “Pushing the Water” training as it shifted the balance from one side to another.

2. Leila Cohen Module 1 Tai ChiLeila teaches Tai Chi movements and how to consistently develop them.

He also infuses some Tai Chi philosophy and how it helps in creating habits.

3. Cindy’s Tai Chi Exercise for BeginnersIt is an ideal routine for the elderly, who want to start their journey through Tai Chi.

She makes it simple and shares its importance to their health, especially in the morning.

4. SSTV’s Tai Chi for BeginnersThe instructor explains and shows the importance of Tai Chi to the body and mind.

He also shows some rhythms that can go hand in hand with simple Tai Chi routines.

5. Dancing Tai Chi by Mia HsiehMia showcases how Tai chi movements make a good rhythm for dancing.

The steps are steady and help move some vital body parts such as the waist, hips and backline.

6. Bill Douglas Tai Chi TrainingBill Douglas explains the importance of Tai Chi steps and how it improves health conditions among the elderly.

It helps relieve chronic pain, back issues and fibromyalgia. There are snippets of the workouts and testimonials from his patients.

7. The Tai Chi MovesThe video lists all possible Tai Chi (see also the Master Wong Tai Chi videos) moves for beginners, including the Rise and Fall, Single Hand Circle, Double Hand Circle and YinYang Circle.

It also has some advanced moves, such as the Grand Tai Chi and Cary the Cauldron.

8. Jake Mace’s Tai Chi for Health and BalanceIt applies to both beginners and experts.

The body moves rhythmically, twisting and turning in a coordinated fashion to improve the body balance. Target areas include the feet, back, arms and waistline.

9. Tai Chi Just Before Going to BedKseny shows us some simple Tai Chi you can do before retiring to bed.

These moves are essential since they help the body relax and calm down the mind.

10. Tai Chi FightingJakes Mace comes back to show us some basic Tai Chi fighting moves.

Although fighting is not recommended, it helps you get off unpleasant situations and self-defence.

Enjoy These 8 Minute Tai Chi Videos

The videos show a range of use for Tai Chi and how they benefit those who use them.

Notably, Tai Chi is good for health reasons and mind concentration.

However, it also teaches us how to defend ourselves if we find ourselves in unpleasant situations.

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