Happiness is always a great feeling to have. It is good for you as it promotes significant health benefits.

As I was writing this article, I came across a quote from Abraham Lincoln. He said that many folks are happy when they make up their minds to be.

This means that happiness is a choice. Far from that, I have compiled a list of reasons you should always remain happy.
They include:

1. There are people in your life who depend on you

Everyone has people in their lives with whom they are close and would do anything for them. Thus, if you are looking for reasons to be happy, you should start there.

Regardless of how much stuff life throws at you, there will always be someone who loves and cares for you.

As a mother, I constantly find the happiness I need just by looking at my kids. Sometimes when I am sad, I ask myself if they would like to see me this miserable.

Of course, they would not.
So I find happiness in my children.

2. People who are happy are always more productive

Who do you think gets the most work done in an average workday? The answer is the one who is more optimistic, driven, and happy.

People who spend most of their time complaining, venting, and saying how life is unfair barely get anything done.

Generally, to be more productive in your work, choose to be happy and accomplish more.

3. Choose happiness because life changes dramatically

None of us know what is in store for us tomorrow. Life is always unpredictable and changes at a moment’s notice.

Any one of us could wake up tomorrow, go to work, and get fired, or we could lose someone dear to us.

I am trying to say that you never know what life holds. Therefore, choose to live in the moment, be grateful and be happy with whatever you have.

Always choose happiness over other things. You will soon notice that days seem brighter, flowers smell better, and you will be content with your life.

4. You are alive, and that is enough

You may be reading this, and you are sick, sad, tired, or just unhappy with yourself. Well, if there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is to always be grateful for the fact I am still alive.

Regularly, people we love and adore tend to leave. And this leaves most of us in mental disarray.

However, here is a thought for you. Think about the things you would do if this were your last day on earth?

My guess is that you would not spend it thinking and growling over the things you do not have. So make efforts to spend more time with the people that really matter.

5. Be happy for each new day

I constantly find solace in knowing that tomorrow is a new day and my chance to start over. Even when you feel like crap, you should be happy because tomorrow will be different.

You should also know that sadness is only temporary. After all, we are only humans, and unhappiness will always be part of our daily lives.

It is also essential for you to know that everyone tends to experience moments of sadness in their lives. It may be a few hours, days, or weeks. However, this will all pass.

Health benefits of happiness according to Healthline.

6. Happiness boosts your immune system

In a study conducted by physicians to determine if happiness keeps the immune system strong, 300 people participated. They were given the common cold flu virus by nasal drops.

The least happy individuals were three times more likely to develop the common cold than other happy individuals who were administered the same dose.

This is proof that happiness keeps your immune system strong and prevents you from contracting certain illnesses.

7. Happiness helps to fight stress

Is life giving you lemons, and you are unable to make lemonade? Well, this is entirely normal.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body when one is stressed. It promotes harmful effects such as weight gain, disturbed sleep, and high blood pressure.

Hence, if you want to avoid these adverse effects of the hormone, it is time to be happy.

Happy people have lower cortisol levels, and their bodies respond better to stressful scenarios.

8. Happiness protects your heart

High blood pressure is a risk to your heart and a major contributor to heart disease.
You may already know this, but heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Thus, choose happiness to lead a long life.


Some reasons for being happy include:

  • Happy people are more productive
  • Be happy for those who are dear to you
  • Choose happiness because life changes drastically
  • Be happy you are still alive
  • Happiness is good for your immune system
  • It prevents heart disease
  • Fights stress and its effects


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