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One of the mistakes that many people make is waiting till thanksgiving to start counting their blessings.

According to research on your attitude to gratitude, going out of your way to write down or state what you are grateful for and thanking the people around you can be a great way to boost your mental health.

There are plenty of ways that gratitude during yoga can change your life.

Top 5 Benefits of Gratitude during Yoga Classes

Here are some of the proven ways of how gratitude in yoga classes can improve an individual’s life.

Gratitude can improve the health of your heart

According to research, it has been established that stating what you are grateful for in life can help boost the health of your heart.

Researchers found that individuals who recorded notes of gratitude indicated an overall improvement in their cardiac health during the study.

Apart from improving your heart’s health, gratitude during yoga classes can help reduce fatigues, induce better sleep and better moods.

Mind and body cleansing benefits

Gratitude during yoga can detoxify the mind (see how gratitude and mindfulness work hand in hand here) and body.

The primary reason why many individuals take yoga classes is to achieve purity of both the mind and body, enabling them to connect with their higher purpose.

Gratitude eliminates negative thoughts such as rage, aggression, bitterness and depression, helping individuals think less “toxically”.

Including gratitude in yoga can help make the practice more effective as it strengthens the mind and keeps the emotional states balanced.

Improved focus

Focus is an essential tool as far as yoga practices are involved.

Using gratitude as a focus weapon can provide you with a concrete internal point that directly relates to your external life.

Someone may be grateful for their family or home.

Using gratitude for a good family as a focal point can help the mind stay steady in the face of fluctuations as it is something that you can conveniently connect to.

Stronger meditation practice

Meditation is one of the most important yoga practices.

Incorporating gratitude into an individual’s yoga practices can significantly strengthen someone’s meditation.

Gratitude has lots of benefits that can help you create a healthier physical body.

And we all know that a healthy physical body is essential for better and stronger meditation.

Therefore, gratitude practice infused with yoga can be a great way to strengthen your meditation game.

Gratitude boosts happiness

Whether you are in a yoga class or not, being grateful for the positive things in life is essential as it boosts overall happiness.

During yoga classes, happiness opens doors for yoga benefits such as relaxation, a calm mind and a healthy emotional state.

Therefore, incorporating gratitude into yoga can be a great way to amplify both physical and mental benefits acquired in class.


Undoubtedly, there are plenty of benefits that come with incorporating gratitude practice into yoga classes.

The lasting effects of gratitude can help yoga students achieve a healthier lifestyle as it facilitates the adoption of a more positive view of life and productive thinking.

There are plenty of benefits of introducing gratitude into yoga classes, but these are the top ones on the list.

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