After a long day of work, we take some time to work out and meditate with my family.

I believe that this is the best strategy to relax my mind after a long stressful day.

Regular exercise also strengthens our bodies, and that is why we always spare time for yoga and other activities every day.

I’m also very spiritual, and I use different chakra stones for healing and growth.

The stones have been very helpful, and they have helped me to handle different health problems.

However, I only use the best stones because I know how to identify the most powerful.

With my experience, I can help you use the correct crystal stones to get the best results.

My three best crown chakra stones for healing are:

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Lapis Lazuli

I like lapis lazuli because it has great healing power through intuitive messages.

I have been using it for some time, and it has been helping me get the intuitive voice louder.

As a result, I have brought more feelings of epiphany into my life.

However, it took time for me to realize the usefulness of the stone because I didn’t know that epiphanies were intuitive screaming wisdom into my mind.

But, I kept listening, and understanding the feeling became easier and stronger.

I would also recommend that you do the same because if you have trouble listening to your gut, you will face challenges balancing your crown chakra.

However, if you are patient, you will learn to trust your intuition.

The time you will learn to trust your intuition that is when you will view life from a different perspective.

Trusting what yourself is telling you and following it to the latter is what you will get satisfying.


You might not know about the hypersthene stone because it is not as popular as other chakra stones.

However, it is just or even more powerful than some of the others.

Hypersthene is also known as clairvoyance and has great psychic abilities.

The stone always gives me confidence because it ensures that my third eye is always active.

It works in the same way as the crown chakra because most of them work with the universe’s higher and more spiritual energies.

Hypersthene helps me to see faster manifestations and synchronicities.

That gives me confidence that I’m pursuing the right purpose in life.

That is why I’d advise you to use it too because it will help you discover and fulfil your life’s purpose according to your crown chakra.

Life has to be lived fully and it is done so when you know you are doing it in your everyday activity.

With this stone you will get to know your purpose of living and what you are supposed to accomplish.

Moon Stone

The moonstone is quite different from other crown chakra stones because it depends on moonlight to deliver the best results.

Besides, it helps me to activate my psychic abilities and my crown chakra at the same time.

However, I have also noticed that the moonstone cannot work effectively if the third eye and the crown chakra are blocked or unbalanced.

Another significant difference between moonstone and other crown chakra stones is their usage, which is relatively easy.

I only place the stone under my pillow when sleeping, and it offers effective chakra healing, astral travelling, and lucid dreaming.

How to Use the Stones Above for Your Crown Chakra Healing

If you plan to start using stones in your healing practices, you don’t have to use complex practices.

The stones are very easy to use, and they heal whatever intention you set for them.

Most importantly, it would help if you learned how to trust your intuition because it will help to understand how to use your stones to help you realize your desired results.

There are several ways you can use your crystals to heal your crown chakra.

If you want to realize effective healing results, stuff them in your pockets or around your neck.

You can also place the stones under your pillow or around your home.

Placing the crystals when meditating or repeating crown chakra affirmations will also help to heal your crown chakra.

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