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Do you have a friend or loved one who is into mindfulness and meditation?

If so, one of the best ways to show you care about them is to surprise them with a mindfulness gift.

These gifts will help them start or develop a regular meditation practice or simply be mindful and enjoy peaceful activities.

Keep on reading to find the top 5 mindfulness gifts.

Mindfulness Meditation Music

First, mindfulness (see these mindfulness quotes) music plays a vital role in bringing the listener back into reality by concentrating on various sounds contained in every track.

When looking for the best meditation music, it’s advisable to pick multiple tracks with a mixture of nature sounds and calming music.

The best thing about music is that one can listen on the go, meaning the person can immerse into mindfulness, regardless of the situation.

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The Tibetan Singing Bowl

These bowls have been used for a long time for sound healing and meditation.

Generally, the meditation frequencies generated by the Tibetan singing bowls gets into the body, and the person can deeply feel them.

In turn, this creates a healing and calming response. Indeed, singing bowls have been proven to lower anxiety, stress, blood pressure and anger, besides improving blood circulation.

As you can see, this is one of the best gifts (see these Tai Chi gifts too) you can give a person who is interested in meditation.

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Pillow Cushion

The fact that the meditation process can be psychologically exhausting means that one needs to be extremely comfortable while immersing in the process.

Here is where acquiring a pillow cushion comes in handy as it supports the spine.

Also, it consists of buckwheat hulls that you can easily adjust to suit your body.

What’s more, the yoga pillow cushions on the market are cute and contains various colours.

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An Essential Oil Gift Set

Since people can practice mindfulness by becoming conscious of their senses, it comes as no surprise that activating various smells can relax their mind and body.

Most essential oil sets in the market contain more than six oils to get the person started.

Additionally, the oils are 100% natural and certified, so you rest assured the person is working with a top-notch gift.

When it comes to using these oils, they can either be mixed or used individually based on the current moods and occasions.

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Mindfulness Cards

Well, these cards are essential when it comes to imparting mindfulness into a person’s life, and they are made to reduce stress.

Every card integrates an exercise that’s based on mindfulness meditation and neuro-linguistic programming techniques.

Additionally, one can use them in various ways, such as working through each exercise or picking a random card and perform that particular exercise.

With several cards to pick from, this compact deck offers a couple of ways to lower anxiety or stress while on the go or at home.

Lastly, mindfulness gifts may be the ideal gifts to share with individuals you care about as they can help people lead a less stressful, meaningful and mindful life.

Meditation is a transformative experience that supports personal growth in a couple of ways. You will truly love the simplicity incorporated in the above gifts.

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Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a journal made specifically for being mindful and allows you to setup your day in a way that encourages it.

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These Are The Best Gifts For Mindful People

So now you’ve seen some of the best mindfulness gifts which ones will you choose to buy?

Personally I love the meditation pillow and the music as they are super practical.

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