Most people experience blockage of at least one chakra; hence you can have unbalanced emotional periods and physical symptoms.

To keep the seven chakras balanced and open, many people who practice yoga, meditation, and reiki regularly use pure essential oils.

It is widely believed that essential oils play a huge role in maintaining our energy flowing.

It does not matter whether you need to clear a chakra, need to blend multiple of your favourites or use one essential oil, the role is the same.

Finding the best Sahasrara essential oils is not a simple task.

Because of that reason, you need to know what you need when selecting one.

Below are the top three Sahasrara essential oils you may choose for a better experience.

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1. Aromafume 7 chakra Muladhara

It is an essential oil for the root chakra. It is in charge of our security and safety feelings in the world.

Eating when hungry, seeking shelter and feeling danger are some of the survival instincts Muladhara dictates.

It is the foundation of all other chakras as it is found at the base of the spine.

The best option when choosing essential oil is derived from trees and roots so that it can rebalance your root chakra.

Key specifications• Brand – aromafume• Colour – Muladhara -Root – Grounding• Weight – 4.6 ounces• Dimensions – 5.94 x 1.61x 1.54 inches

Key features• Natural mist clean.• Smoke-free.• Non-toxic alternative to incense.

Pros• It is alcohol-free.• It is sustainable.• It is easy and convenient to use

Cons• It is a bit expensive.

Reason for choose Aromafume 7 chakra MuladharaThis type of essential oil is in the top three list because it is alcohol-free, easy and convenient to use, and sustainable.

2. Aromafume 7 chakra vishuddha

It is an essential oil for the throat chakra.

Our neck, tongue and mouth are governed by vishuddha.

Our capacity to speak our truth and express ourselves are some of the responsibilities of this type of essential oil.

Creativity and communication are some problems that can be caused when this chakra is blocked.

Sore throats and hearing are physical symptoms linked with the blocked throat chakra.

While stabilizing our connections, effective communication is helped by chamomile.

Key specification• Brand – Aromatan Cosmetics Pvt Ltd• Scent – Vishuddha x3• Dimensions – 4.29 x 3.94 x 2.68 inches• Weight – 1.41 ounces

Key features• They are made with soothing natural ingredients.• They are sustainable.• They have the art of blending.

Pros• They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.• They maximize the impact of essential oils by including natural ingredients.• Their package is recyclable.• Its magnificent aroma is made to remedy some health concerns like headache, stress, coughing, inflammation, sleeping, etc.

Cons• It is expensive.

The reason why I choose Aromafume 7 chakra vishuddha

Aromafume 7 chakra vishuddha is enriched with pure oils and natural ingredients devoid of any chemicals and retain natural goodness.

3. Aromafume 7 Chakra Anahata

It is an essential oil for the heart chakra.

Between the lower and upper body is where the heart chakra hence forming the connection between them.

For our ability to love unconditionally is acknowledged by the healing power of love, essential oils that evoke feelings of comfort and love are the best.

Those people who are looking to unblock chakra use geranium, lavender, rose and mandarin.

To open and relax your heart, you need to choose two or more oils if your goal is to make one blend.

A calming sensation is created by the scent of rose, lavender, geranium and bergamot.

Compassion towards others, spiritual enlightenment and promoting self-love are found in the rose geranium essential oil.

Key specification• Brand – Aromafume• Colour – Anahata – Heart

Key features• It is alcohol-free.• Sustainable

Pros• They are easy and very convenient.• They are sustainable.• They maintain the heritage.

Cons• It is expensive.

Reasons why I choose Aromafume 7 Chakra AnahataIt is among the top three essential oils because it is sustainable, alcohol-free, and responsible for the heart chakra.

What are the best Sahasrara Essential Oils?

Here are the top 3 best Sahasrara essential oils.

  1. Aromafume 7 chakra muladhara#
  2. Aromafume 7 chakra vishuddha
  3. Aromafume 7 Chakra Anahata

Aromafume 7 chakra Anahata, in my opinion, is the best as it is responsible for the heart chakra. It is also alcohol-free.

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