Tai Chi is a Chinese martial arts technique that emphasises meditation and internal strength for self-defence.

If you wish to learn the technique on your own, you need an instructional package that will take you step-by-step through various exercises and moves.

I have two on my phone that I use for my regular exercises.

There are also tons of Tai Chi apps in the market for this purpose.

Here are three of the best Tai Chi apps that you can use with your Android or iOS devices.

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1. Yang Tai Chi for Beginners by Dr. Yang

As the name suggests, Yang Tai Chi for beginners is an app that targets beginners of the art.

Dr. Yang is a renowned master in the craft.

Therefore, each lesson contains detailed information so that it is easy to understand.

It also shows moves that many students struggle to master in years.

One of the features I like about the app is the detailed methods to relax the body in readiness for fitness exercises.

It also gives you complex full-body workouts in easy-to-follow steps.

The app has a detailed martial arts part of the art with step-by-step instructions for each move.

It is a freemium tool, which gives you the first four lessons free.

You then make a one-time payment for the rest of the course.

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2. Tai Chi for Beginners 24 Form (YMAA) Helen Liang

This is another app made for people who are getting started in Tai Chi

It has detailed instructions from the master of the art Helen Liang.

The first part of the lessons teaches the basic six-minute exercises that you can undertake anywhere.

Each of the other moves comes with a detailed explanation and a video that shows Helen doing them from various angles.

You can download her videos on your device if you wish to practice the moves without an internet connection.

Only a small part of the videos is available free. You need to pay a one-time fee to access all other videos.

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3. Tai Chi for Energy by Dr. Paul Lam

This app by Dr. Paul Lam contains eight virtual lessons that can help you relax, refresh, relax and revitalize.

It is divided into three lessons: an introduction, principles of the craft, and advanced classes.

However, I would recommend you to start with the beginner classes.

I love Dr. Lam for introducing two styles of Tai Chi, Sun and Chen.

Chen is a style that combines slow, fast, and complex movements into smooth, synchronised moves for practitioners.

On the other hand, Sun combines agility with qigong breathing techniques for healing and meditation.

Combining these methods gives you both the agility to learn the fighting moves and relax your body.

I would recommend that you master these moves before taking up any other lessons through the app.

Several other features stand out too. First, there are detailed instructions for each subsection of the practice course.

These include close-up views of the master doing these moves, diagrams, text, and the ability to slow down the videos to check the moves.

The app is also easy to navigate to enable you to move back and forth when training in complex moves.

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3 Best Apps For Tai Chi

There you have them! Three of my best apps to learn and practice Tai Chi.

You will find many others out there with equal or better instructions.

However, I would recommend one of these if you are getting started or are at the intermediate level of learning the craft.

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