Tai chi is a great non-competitive martial art to improve your health through moderate stretching and physical exercise.

Through my love for tai chi, I have discovered that I have gained more balance in my flexibility, fitness, and control, and it will do the same for you as a senior.

No matter your age, it is safe for you to practice tai chi, especially for seniors, since it gives them the balance they need to avoid falling.

I had troubles when it comes to sleep, I had trouble concentrating, I used to experience body aches, but through tai chi, all my problems are gone.

In 2012, a study was carried out by 79,193 people, and the conclusion was that practising martial art helps seniors prevent chronic heart failure, improve mental health, falls, body aches, and gain flexibility

This article will mention some of the best tai chi DVDs you can use to improve your health by guiding you through martial art.

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Five Best Tai Chi DVDs

1. Tai Chi Fit Balance Over 50, By David-Dorian Ross

Tai chi over 50 is one of the best martial art for seniors, especially those experiencing trouble with their balance.

It covers all areas of any senior’s daily life, from running, walking to sitting.

You do not have to worry if you are a beginner at tai chi as these DVDs are meant specially for you since they are easy and simple.

2. Eight Tai Chi for Beginners

This DVD is a comprehensive program that will help you learn precisely the benefits that come with tai chi, no matter the state of your well-being.

The DVD covers 24 different postures to help you with your weight problem, mobility issue, and balance difficulties.

3. Tai Chi for Life, By Dr. Paul Lam

This DVD includes straightforward exercises for seniors and beginners helping you strengthen your muscles and gain better balance.

It is recommended to seniors by many experts like; Arthritis Foundations, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and numerous health departments.

4. Tai Chi Seated Workout for Health, By David Dorian Ross

Dorian is one of the leading tai chi experts in the whole world.

The good thing is that many seniors can do this program since it is very convenient and easy to follow.

It is also good for people with any form of disability.

5. Tai Chi for Seniors; Self-Healing Through Movement, By Mark Johnson

Self-healing through movement is the best DVD to walk you through a tough day, stress, and problems.

Marks’ sole purpose in his programs is to improve your health, bring about self-healing both spiritually and physically.

After the exercises, you will feel more at peace and relaxed.

Best Tai Chi DVDs For Seniors

The DVDs mentioned above can be bettering your life as a senior both physically, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Get yourself one or all the above DVDs and see a positive change in your life.

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