Breathwork is a breathing exercise that helps people improve their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Many people practice this form of deep yogic breathing to regulate the flow of their breath to balance the body and mind.

As a result, this procedure encompasses a broad range of therapeutic practices that relieve physical, emotional, and mental tension.

In this guide, I will enlighten you on the data from three scientific reports showing that breathwork can bring health improvements, its benefits, and most practice types of breathwork.  

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Three Scientific Reports Show Breathwork Can Bring Health Improvements

Nowadays, many people use breathwork to relax; this practice has been scientifically proven to positively affect the heart, digestive system, brain, and immune system.

According to Golubic, a physician in Cleveland clinics, breathing can profoundly impact your health and physiology.

Golubic says that this practice will influence asthma, chronic pulmonary disease, and heart failure.

Other studies show that people with such conditions and practice breathwork tend to benefit. Here are the three scientific reports.

#1. Your Breathing Can Relax or Energize You

Judi bar, an instructor in the Cleveland Clinic, uses yoga to help patients with chronic diseases to manage their pain and illness.

She believes that our breaths will either wake up or energize us.

Bar demonstrates her findings by panting with an open mouth and then through the nose—an action that leaves you lightheaded but a little dizzy afterward but with enough energy.

#2. Breathing Can Reduce Your Stress Hormones 

According to research, frequent breathwork has an immediate effect by altering the pH of your blood.

Also, these methods enable the body to react to stressful situations.

As a result, it depresses the production of damaging stress hormones.

Sternberg, a medical practitioner in the national institute of mental health, days when you experience speedy breathing, it is the work of the sympathetic nervous system to control it.

Besides, slow breathing energizes the opposing parasympathetic reaction – the one that calms you down.

#3. Changing Your Gene Response

According to Herbert, a researcher at Harvard shows that’s during meditation you can use breathing to alter your body’s stress response. You can also change the body and genes using the mind.

Although breathing is not the answer to every western medical challenge, it is a powerful tool that will influence your life’s health and well-being.

Benefits of Box Breathing

Any person who regularly practices box breathing can attest to the following benefits.

Samantha K. Norelli, Ashley Long and Jeffrey M. Krepps in their Relaxation Techniques study report the following benefits…

  • Reduction of physical stress

When you practice deep breathing techniques, you notably reduce the exhibition of hormones linked with stress.

For instance, in a study done by Susan Hopper, you can lower the levels of stress hormones cortisol when you breathe. As a result, this action can lead to reducing lower blood pressure.

  • Calms the mind 

When you practice box breathing regularly, you allow your mind to bring mindfulness. This practice brings tranquillity during hard times.

It enables you to have a valuable silence and calms your nervous system. This action ushers you into a present peaceful moment.

  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system

When your body is undergoing some stress, your sympathetic nerve is always on high alert.

Most people who practice box breathing can move out of such a state by tapping into the parasympathetic nerve system- a bodily system responsible for digestion and rest.

For instance, when you are anxious, you breathe shallowly and quickly, an action that creates anxiety within your body.

However, you can move out of the flight-or-flight state into the parasympathetic nervous system when you use breathwork.

Types of Breathwork

Breathwork is an ancient eastern practice. The aim of this practice is to that focus change the condition of consciousness.

Practicing this activity helps to create self-awareness and internal peace. The following are the three common types of breathwork practiced worldwide.

#1. Rebirthing

This type of breathwork is founded on the objective that you can move residual stress from your disturbing birth occurrences.

Studies show that you can release any trauma or emotional incident that occurred during birth through this breathwork.

This practice entails using circular breathing when you are lying underwater to create a state of relaxation.

Nonetheless, instead of simply breathing air, this type of conscious breathing transforms it into moving energy.

#2. Holotropic

This type of breathwork uses intense music during practice. It is led mainly by a trainer who guides a class of participators.

The procedure entails breathing in and out using the same amount of time.

It is good to note that you require different speeds for you to change the state of your consciousness.

This practice roots itself in LSD therapy, although it is a drug-free therapy. 

This practice aims to produce a mind-altering experience for people experiencing muscle cramps, vision, and uncontrollable spurts of emotions.

During this training session, you share your experience with others in the groups.

#3. Pranayama

This type of breathwork entails controlling your breath with the aim of positive effects.

When you hold your breath, you rise above your former emotions and inhibit any negative energy flow in your life.

Data From 3 Scientific Reports Showing Breath Work Can Bring Health Improvements to your body.

Breathwork goes beyond your breathing incorporation when you do your physical yoga flow to more therapeutic practice.

Besides, this practice comes with its benefit; all you require is to talk to your specialist, who will help try the best styles that will work for you.

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