Yes. It is possible to learn and master on your own. This martial art technique is ideal for people of all levels and physical abilities.

I learnt a good part of the art alone at home. Therefore, I know it’s something that is possible.

Tai chi is a martial arts technique developed by Buddhist and Taoist monks several centuries ago. It emphasizes meditation and internal strength while teaching self-defence techniques.

Since it is a mix of craft and fight forms, it doesn’t require aggressive body movements.

Instead, it focuses on stability and balance, as well as the ability to meet the hardness of the opponent with softness.

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How to Practice Tai Chi By Yourself

Like any other activity that requires practice and discipline, Tai chi requires commitment for you to internalize moves and meet your goals.

Tai chi does not require lots of equipment. However, before getting started, here are a few things to have with you.


You don’t need specialised gear to practice Tai chi at home. Go for loose, comfortable dressing.

However, you may need the right gear in higher levels of the art.


You need shoes that are both comfortable and flexible to perform the art.

Your training or running shoes can do only if they meet these qualities.

There are people who practice Tai chi barefoot.

However, I do not recommend it if you have problems maintaining your balance.

If you wish to buy shoes, go for ones that have a rubber sole and flexible upper, like Kung Fu shoes.

The floor should be firm and non-slippery.

Most of the movements will require you to remain stable as you move a leg.

Tai chi Sword

At the start, you will learn moves that do not require you to use a sword.

However, if you wish to learn advanced styles, you will need a training sword.

Instructional Material

I would recommend getting instructional videos and a book.

The videos provide you with visual information that you can follow as you would do with an in-person trainer.

On the other hand, books provide you with an in-depth explanation of each move and breathing technique that you will be learning.

Therefore, with both, you will have an in-depth understanding of the craft and be able to practice what you have learnt with ease.

Source your instructional materials from instructors who are certified and members of recognised professional bodies.

The information should be clearly visible on their site.

On the other hand, you can enrol into an online class.

The online classes used real instructors that guide you through the process.

I will recommend them if you do not have any history of physical exercise.

They will guide you through the process of being physical fit and enhancing your balance.

How Long Does the Training Take?

Unlike other external martial arts, there is no belt to be earned when you practice Tai Chi.

However, you will get immense physical and mental benefits from practising it.

I would recommend that you take your time and learn each move until you have perfected it.

Do the same for breathing exercises.

The joy comes from mastering the art and not being fast to complete it.

It is possible to practice Tai chi at home.

You need to be committed in your practice and be focused on the benefits.

After you are over the initial stability and balance exercises, you will find the art interesting and addictive.

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