Tai chi is commonly known as a training to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, when you ask if Tai chi can be used for fighting, the answer is not a direct yes.

Initially, it was used in fighting but at an advanced stage.

Today, there are numerous advancements in Tai chi, most of them focusing more on health benefits rather than fighting.

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Tai chi for fighting

I use Tai chi to meditate and to channel positive energy.

With my busy schedule taking care of the house, my kids and my husband, this is the perfect time to have a me-time.

And when I am meditating, I relax my mind while enjoying the health benefits that come with Taichi.

To some extent, Tai chi can be used for fighting but at a very advanced stage.

But then again, who fights in this generation and even if you were fighting for self-defense when you have to, would you really observe the rules of Tai chi in your fighting or focus on saving yourself?

I would say that Taichi would help you in your fighting if you find yourself in a situation that you must fight. This is because the training keeps you flexible, so you are fast and strong in your moves.

However, you would only be in a position to fight skillfully if you have been practicing Tai chi for long, so you are at an advanced stage.

The evolution of Tai chi

Historically, Tai chi was very effective in fighting. Masters like Yang Luchan were very skilled fighters in China.

During this era, Taichi was popular for fighting and not for the health benefits.

However, it is essential to understand how Tai chi has evolved over the years.

China experienced a shortage of experienced doctors in the 20th century.

Being aware that martial arts like Tai chi came with amazing health benefits, the government instructed martial arts experts to simplify the training so more people would train and enjoy the health benefits.

This translated into a mass of people training in Tai chi but with very little connection to its martial roots.

The result of the training and incredible health benefits is the source of Tai chi fame.

Previously famous for its martial skills rather than the health benefits, most people now enjoy it for its excellent health benefits and not necessarily the martial skill.

It’s worth noting the development in Ta chi’s promotion for health, which was developing the simplified 24-posture, also known as the Beijing form. The form was developed in 1956.

Together with the Sports Commission of the People’s republic of China, the National Physical Culture was behind the development to standardize Tai chi for sports and social reforms.

It was part of a fitness program.

Today, millions of people in China and other places are practicing Tai chi for its health benefits and most hospitals incorporate it in rehabilitation.

Due to the emphasis on health results, you don’t expect the martial results of this training to be good enough in fighting.

Can Tai Chi Be Used To Fight?

Well, can Tai chi be used for fighting? Yes, you can use it for fighting, but only if you train in its martial arts roots.

Besides, masters used it for fighting before, so why not. However, the logic remains there are no martial arts focus on fighting today, so where do you train Tai chi for fighting?

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