Yes, you can do qigong at night if that is the time you are in the right mental space. if your mind is at ease then this will be the appropriate time to do qigong.

Qigong is a system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purpose of health spirituality of an individual and martial art training which is beneficial to the body.

This wonderful activity uses simple poses and breathing patterns that any individual can easily learn to promote a healthy flow of IQ and reduce stagnation of qi.

According to research proper flow of QI can help your body engage in its own healing process, therefore this activity is vital for Qi to work.

 When your mental space is at ease you can do this activity at night, since this activity is not intense physical exercise and is more of a slow movement of limbs and your entire body it involves using muscles of the body and tendon tension to move your body around to facilitate breathing and visualization, such kind of an activity can be done comfortably at night since it is very manageable.

This activity is in fact suitable at night because there are fewer activities being carried out and the environment is calm and suitable d for it to be practiced.

 It can be done at night, especially for those people who have a busy schedule during the day. For those individuals whose work schedule is not able to accommodate morning hours or in the evening, then you can take 20 to 45 min to do this activity at night.

When you do this activity moderating the time you take , it is very beneficial to the body. it will be more effective if you practice it some hours after you have eaten and allowed your body to digest before indulging in such an activity.

Also practicing it too long may cause you sleepless nights, to avoid such situations it is advisable to use a stopwatch just to make sure you do not do too much.

 It is beneficial when done at night since it can relieve you of the stress you encountered during the day. doing such an activity at night is best for the body.

It helps you meditate and forget about a messy day, especially if things did not go the way you had expected them to go, it can be a good way to motivate you to have a greater tempo the following day since you wake up as a relaxed person.

Not forgetting you can get brilliant ideas to solve an issue that was disturbing your thought.

It helps you to enjoy your day better with something to look forward to at the end of the day.

 Qigong at night can be done especially if the activity falls within a few hours after eating and a few hours before sleeping.

Enables elderly people to develop a wonderful sleep pattern, some people have difficulty when sleeping in their entire life. to avoid such a situation or rather to reduce the chances of you not sleeping you can do Qigong at night.

It helps your body relax, reduce stress level and anxiety, and makes it easier for you to sleep.

Most people have an issue sleeping at night because of undergoing stress which may even result in diseases such as pressure, therefore this activity is very vital to keep your body in shape and ensure you do not suffer from such illnesses that could have been easily avoided.

Doing qigong at night also cause immediate mood change and can possible alter your perception about pain in a positive way.

If you are going through an unresolved issue that has caused you mental  pain and you take part in such an activity.

You are most likely to relax your mind, this triggers your mind to perceive the issue in a positive way which automatically changes your mood.

You can possibly be getting a solution to something that was pressurizing you and still be moody.  You will most probably be a happy soul.

 therefore Qigong activity can be done at any time of the day when you feel you are at your best mental state. there are people who can do it in the morning or in the evening and still get better or worse results than those who do it at night.

It will be convenient if you check a time that well suits you so that you can settle the one that gives you perfect results.

This can be easily done when you sample out this activity at various  times and analyze how your body responds after doing Qigong.

This will help you determine what works best for you. it will also help you understand that people are different and there body respond to the same thing differently.

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