Chi & Chakra Energy

5 Root Chakra Stones

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine, slightly above the tailbone. It’s mainly responsible for earthly things, and it’s also the centre for your stability. It’s also called the Muladhara, and it’s where you get your sense of security and stability. Every time I want to feel grounded or when things are spiralling out …

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What Is Reiki Sharing?

Reiki sharing is when a Reiki practitioner calls on a group of people, either physically or not, to gather around an individual who is in dire need of positive energy. In most cases, this person may be recuperating from an illness, traumatic experience or any other social issue. Reiki sharing requires collective positive energy, which is why …

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What Chakra Is Citrine?

The citrine stone is greatly associated with the sacral chakra. It took me a while after I started meditating before I could grasp all the seven chakras and how to unlock them. The citrine stone can help you cleanse the chakras and create spiritual connections. I will tell you more about the citrine stone and how it helps …

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