Chi & Chakra Energy

6 Steps to Remove Spiritual Blockages

Are you feeling like something is holding you back? Your body is most likely suffering from spiritual blockages. Spiritual blocks are essentially anything that creates resistance within the self. Furthermore, Spiritual blockages cause an energetic imprint of heaviness in your energy circles. Under this condition, you will feel gloomy, heavy or dark. As a result, you will view …

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Is Chi Blocking A Real Thing? (And How Can I Learn It?)

Chi blocking is a Chinese martial technique that focuses on the opponent’s pressure points, rendering him incapacitated. It blocks the victim’s ability to retaliate and is mostly used for self-defence. I first came across Chi blocking in our Tai Chi class. Although Tai Chi is primarily an inner strength exercise, most of my colleagues loved it since its …

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Is Qi Real?

Qi, commonly pronounced as chi, is real, based on my personal, even if a bit limited experience. According to Chinese philosophers, Qi refers to the force that binds and helps make up the things that exist in the universe. Ancient Chinese texts define it as “both everything and nothing,” a definition that perplexes most Westerners I have …

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