Tai Chi

Is Chi the Same as Prana?

No, Chi is not the same as Prana. Chi and Prana are both life force energies, but the main difference is that Chi energy is gotten from traditional Chinese medicine while Prana is gotten from traditions, Ayurvedic, and yoga. Both Chi and Prana can be used to promote health, happiness, and wisdom. In this blog, …

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Tai Chi Vs Kickboxing

Tai chi and kickboxing are some of the most practiced exercises for relieving stress.   Both have benefits to the body but vary in a few ways.   Personally, I have practiced Tai chi for a long time, but kickboxing is still good since it impacts the body positively.   In this article, we will …

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Does Tai Chi Have Belts?

Unlike other martial arts, tai chi does not have a grade system or a belt that you gain.    There are no exams either.   However, there are certain levels of progression among students that distinguishes them.   You need to show outermost dedication to gain progression so that you can achieve the highest level. …

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