There are different strategies and objects you can use during spiritual therapies and rituals.

However, I prefer using a chakra wand because it helps me to realize better results than other objects.

It mainly helps me to clean the energy in my body and replaces it with chakra.

I also use it to alleviate pain by moving a crystal around the painful area several times.

I have been using different coloured chakra wands, and I have realized the effects of each one of them.

Maybe you’re wondering what I’m talking about and how I use chakra wands for my daily exercises.

To help you get an in-depth understanding, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

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What is a Chakra Wand?

A chakra wand is a smeall healing device that contain crystals that correlate with your bodys chakras.

Some contain one specific crystal because that wand has a specific task and other up to 7 different crystals that correlate with all your different chakras.

Consider it a tool for naturally re-balancing your chakras and harmozing your mind, body and spirit. 

What Are The Benefits of a Chakra Wand?

The benefits of a Chakra wand are as follows…

  • To clear stagnant or negative energy.
  • To break energy blockages in your body.
  • Strenghtening the mind to body connection.
  • Vibrate healing vibes around your body.

What Do You Need to Know About Chakra and Their Uses?

Chakras are wheels of energy found on the body, mostly on the spine. They start on the base and go up to the head’s crown.

On the other hand, Chakra healing crystals are stones that can connect with the energy chakra releases to provide your desired results.

In most cases, that helps realign chakras whenever they move out of position when performing different tasks.

You can also use them for different healing purposes.

They control so many things in our body therefore when you understand them then you will have all the required information about any pain that will disturb you.

All the chakras along your spine are connected to your physical and emotional problems, and you have to understand how they operate to know the measures to take whenever you feel unwell.

You also need to know the best stones that will balance, heal and clear every chakra.

Unlike what you might have heard, all chakra gemstones don’t have to be precious stones.

You can use any crystal from across the world as long as it helps you find the needed equilibrium.

When you find the right stone and balance with the Chakra then you will feel its healing purposes.

They are well connected and they give a long lasting healing to your illness.

Is There Any Special Treatment For Your Crystals?

Yes, there are several special treatments for your crystals.

One of them is cleansing, which is important because you might not be the first person to come into direct contact with it.

Your crystal might have travelled long distances from the source to the seller.

That might have exposed it to energies that are misaligned with your own.

Therefore, after you buy a healing crystal, cleanse it before you start using it.

Start by rinsing your crystal under a faucet or submerge it in water and dry it properly after that.

Salty water will also absorb the negative energy in your crystal.

Next, you can use seawater or mix table salt, sea, or rock salt into a bowl and use it to wash your crystal.

Apart from the two, you can cleanse your crystal by rubbing it with brown rice, exposing it to direct sunlight, and exhaling your breath around the stone for at least half a minute.

After cleaning your crystal, it is advisable to program it.

That will help you to connect with its energy and restore your sense of purpose.

To cleanse your healing stone, hold it in your hand as you meditate or place it in your third eye.

You can also place it on the corresponding chakra or any other part of the body you wish to work with.

During this time, speak to the stone and ask for assistance in working through the current endeavour.

Then, end by thanking it and meditating for several minutes.

How Can You Know That Your Chakras Are Blocked?

There are several ways to know that your chakras are blocked, including feeling sick or moody.

You might also be stressed or feel pain and stiffness in your legs and feet.

Whenever you experience these signs, do yoga poses, perform several breathing exercises, or do mediation practices.

I hope I have helped you learn more about chakra wand.

You now know what chakra crystals are and how you can use them, their special treatment, and how to know that your chakras are unblocked and their unblocking procedure.

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