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Cheng Man Ching was a highly acclaimed master in the Tai Chi craft.

He hailed from Zhejiang province, specifically Wenzhou port.

Cheng Man Ching was born in 1902 on July 29th and passed on at the age of 72 in 1975.

Even though he was mainly in the public eye due to his expertise in Tai Chi, there was more to him.

1. Cheng Man Ching was a skilled artist, at painting and poetry.

Martial art practice is not the only art that he was good at.

Before his demise, he authored multiple books and poems that were printed in magazines.

He must have been a knowledgeable man, with a lot of information to share in the form of writing.

However, it is unfortunate that as the years have been passing by, some of his exceptional work has been lost.

2. Cheng Man Ching became a fine arts professor at a very tender age.

Before Chang Man Ching became a professor, he was a tutor Yuwen University.

He was a poetry teacher. At this point, he was only 18 years old, still a teenager.

Just thinking of it on a general basis, qualifying to be a professor is quite an impressive achievement. Isn’t it?

What is more outstanding about his career as a professor is the age at which he got into it.

At 20, he became a painting professor.

He was now working at the Peking school of arts. Three years later, at the age of 23, he became a director at a renowned school for fine arts.

3. Cheng Man Ching started teaching Tai Chi in a military academy.

In the course of the Chinese civil war, he fell ill and was diagnosed with what appeared as tuberculosis. In his quest to regain his health, he began learning the Tai Chi craft. He was tutored for about 6 years.

It was after this that he found himself at a military academy, as a teacher. At 31, he kick-started his profession as a Tai Chi facilitator.

4. Cheng Man Ching became a Tai Chi pioneer across multiple states.

After the civil war, he relocated to Taiwan where he continued teaching art.

Tai Chi was the newest form of art added to his list, an art that gained popularity in Taiwan with time. After 15 years of permanent residence in Taiwan, he decided to relocate to the United States.

He settled down in New York, where he started teaching Tai Chi.

He taught this art to people in other states too, aside from New York.

In the occasions when he was relocating and moving from a state to the other, his family traveled along with him.

With time, Tai Chi became a highly sought after and practiced art internationally.

This popularity was mainly attributable to Cheng, who played a significant role in making Tai Chi appreciated.

Cheng Man Ching lived a remarkable life, with numerous interesting accomplishments.

He left behind a legacy that is worth being recognized and celebrated by all generations.

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