Chi blocking is a Chinese martial technique that focuses on the opponent’s pressure points, rendering him incapacitated.

It blocks the victim’s ability to retaliate and is mostly used for self-defence.

I first came across Chi blocking in our Tai Chi class.

Although Tai Chi is primarily an inner strength exercise, most of my colleagues loved it since its effects are spontaneous.

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The Chi Blocking Technique

It involves hitting the opponent’s joints and other pressure points in quick succession.

The assault can either be swift punches or quick jabs, delivered powerfully and strategically.

You can use the thumb, knuckles or kicks.

Pressure points on a human body include the muscles, joints and other body parts that help the opponent fight or move.

Chi blocking works best when the opponent least expects as it denies the opportunity to prepare.

The Tai Chi technique involves the basic understanding of the body physiology to know where to exert force.

Concentrating of specific parts has specific results, which is the basis of Chi blocking.

However, the blows are meant to weakening, and not to permanently disable the opponent.

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Effects of Chi Blocking

It temporarily incapacitates tai chi movements, rendering the technique useless for some time.

The Tai Chi martial arts comprises rhythmic movements that generate inner strength and concentration.

Some of the chi blocking effects include:-

  • Reducing muscle strength, weakening the opponent.
  • Temporarily disabling bending abilities, which slows down movements.
  • Sensational pains around the pressure points.
  • Disrupting the chi flow.

How Can I Learn Chi Blocking?

First, you must understand the basics of Tai Chi. It gives you strength, resilience and composure.

The Chi blocking punches must be strong to slow down the opponent. Resilience and composure help you focus and calculate where and how to deliver the punches.

Secondly, you must understand body physiology. It enables you to focus on where to punch.

Bending joints and muscles are the best place to target since they disorient balance.

Chi blocking should incapacitate the opponent and not fatally hurt them.

Thirdly, understand the frequency and technique of throwing punches. They must be fast, continuous and powerful on pressure points.

Also, ensure the opponent does not see it coming, lest they will prepare and stiffen the muscles.

Fingers are the best when throwing the punches since they poke and disorient the blood flow around the pressure point.

Lastly, practise the skill over time. Go through materials that exhibit Chi blocking instances.

Note the effects and how it works. If need be, find a partner and try it out.

However, note that Chi blocking is for defensive purposes only (What Is Chi Manipulation?). Please do not take advantage of it to oppress helpless people.

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Are You Ready To Learn Chi Blocking?

Chi Blocking is real and effective, especially in self-defence.

It weakens the opponent’s support and movement, which incapacitates them in the short run.

You can learn the tenets and master it as long as you follow the 4 guidelines listed above.

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