According to the Chinese culture, Chi is the energy that keeps the human body alive. When one dies, it leaves the body and they believe that, without your Chi, your body is merely a collection of skin and bones.

The Chinese believe that Chi energy can be used for healing and repairing the damaged parts of the body.

This healing is usually achieved when more Chi energy is focused on the area that specifically requires healing.

However, during the healing process, you should remember that the injured area often blocks Chi out due to the tension and trauma it may be undergoing at the moment.

Often, a chi healing practitioner focuses Chi directly on the injured area and thus manages to remove any form of blockage.

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Basic Chi Healing Methods

Below are some of the chi basic healing methods.

  • As you may be aware, no one can be able to perform the chi healing process, but only a specialist.
  • Equipped with enough experience and knowledge, the healing practitioner analyses the injured area and energy field.
  • Since trauma and tension is known to cause blockage in the healing process, the practitioner checks out for any form of disturbances in the area.
  • For beginners, you need the guidance and direction of an experienced practitioner who will help you understand exactly what it is you are feeling.

It is not automatic that you will understand the energy generated within you by the Chi.

For an effective healing process, eliminate any negative energy that may cause stagnation and increase blockage.

You can alternatively make a replacement with Universal Chi, or you can apply the Universal Chi from the beginning.

Once the healing process is complete, you seal the area to enable chi energy to flow.

You will get back to your natural state in no time.

How to Know When Your is Out of Balance

Several factors can cause your Chi to be out of balance.

You should be aware that when your Chi is out of balance, you may not be able to use it effectively when you require healing.

Such factors include insomnia, hunger, lack of shelter and any other basic need that we require to survive.

Abstract factors such as lack of love and emotional support may contribute to your Chi being out of balance.

You will experience symptoms such as exhaustion, fussiness, depression and hormonal imbalance.

How to Properly Balance your Chi

Even though your Chi may be out of balance, there are numerous ways and techniques that you can use to bring back balance.

You can try practices such as tai chi, meditation, yoga and massage.

One thing you should keep in mind is, get enough sleep in the process so that you can have energy.

Go back to performing your hobbies and ensure they encourage physical movement.

These activities will enable you to stretch and engage both your mind and body, thus making you refreshed.

You will also be able to heal the injured parts of your body once your balance is back.

That’s How To Heal With Chi Energy

Chi energy has proven to be an essential part when it comes to healing.

Everyone is blessed with his or her own Chi and it’s up to you to choose how you will engage in it. It can be very beneficial once you learn of its value.

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