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Are you into fitness and meditation?

Well, Chi energy meditation is for you then. For over ten years now, I have learnt to find my inner peace through meditation and daily gratitude exercises.

I then strengthen my body through calming activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi.

Here is how you can channel your Chi energy in meditation and make the most from it.

5 Step Guide on How to Channel Your Chi Energy

1. Be Comfortable on a Meditation Chair

Every meditation starts with getting comfortable. For the Chi Energy meditation, you need to first sit in a comfortable meditation chair and put your feet on the ground so that you are strongly grounded.

After this, relax your knees and position them just above your ankles.

This is a crucial process in distributing your weight evenly. Keep your back straight to foster a straight spine and roll your shoulders back.

After this, you will tuck your chin slightly so that it extends your neck muscles just a little.

In this position, you can then put your hands (palms up) on your thighs so that your thumbs and index fingers are touching.

2. Focus on Your Mind and Breathe Naturally

Natural breathing is crucial in Chi. I know how difficult it can be trying to match your breathing to another person.

In Chi energy, you should focus on your mind as you breathe and how your abdomen reacts when you inhale and exhale.

It is bringing life energy into your body and exhaling the harmful one from your body.

3. Keep Your Eyes Open

At this stage, you should keep your eyes open as you focus at a point (eye level) just in front of you.

You should hold this for around five minutes and then move your eyes away(3 feet away) and concentrate for another 5 minutes.

4. Breathe Naturally and Gaze Between Your Feet

Keep breathing naturally and gaze between your feet. Only your eyes should move within these five minutes.

For another five minutes, fix your eyes on the tip of your nose to channel the energy.

5. Close Your Eyes with the Focus

While still looking at your nose, close your eyes and listen to how you inhale and exhale.

Do this naturally for around five minutes.

All this time, you should focus on your breathing. Breathe in for three counts, and hold for another three counts.

Imagine all the impurities leaving your body as you exhale. Think of all the greatness that you get when you breathe in.

Complete the Process

While on the chair, place your hands on your lower abdomen and sit still. You are now through.

Try Chi Energy Meditation Today

Chi energy meditation is fun and healthy for both your physical and mental health.

It is a healing technique that focuses on stimulating the flow of energy to improve your health.

Since it focuses on the mind and body, you will realise that it relaxes and enhances your immunity system alongside other health benefits.

I have done it for more than ten years, and you should try it too sometime.

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