Before I narrow down to what chi makes one do, it’s good for you to understand what chi means.

Chi is an energy that lives through every living thing.

The energy gives one well-being of life, and a balance in it gives total power and joy to a living being.

Chi manipulation, therefore, refers to the ability to channel one’s energy into doing something worthwhile.

Some of these can either be for your health, spiritual needs or martial arts.

Chi is an important technique that I prefer teaching during yoga, Tai chi, Qigong, among many others.

In so doing, I learn more about the life force, how it is beneficial to humans, its limitations and what extent one can get while using the energy.

Among my learnings, I have discovered that unbalanced chi makes one unhappy and more so distressed. Therefore, balanced chi is prone to bring peace and earn one free from diseases and pain.

Chi manipulation enables on to boost their creativity amid their ability to be productive in society.

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Applications of chi manipulation

The ability to channel the energy into doing something worthwhile has several ways to be applied in daily activities.

These applications include;

  • One can meditate to obtain focus and to manifest their chi fully.
  • Meditation helps one’s mind stay clear and also peaceful and calm.
  • Chi manipulation can entirely focus on the positive energy, only letting go of the negative energy.
  • Chi manipulation allows one to acquire a natural balance through nature’s forces of yin and yang.
  • When one is in a peaceful environment, or instead one’s mind is relaxed, they can gather enough energy from the surrounding and channel it into valuable energy within themselves.
  • One with the ability to fight negativity using their chi opens a possibility of strengthening their pure chi. One’s pure chi can strengthen one and enhance fighting away negativity.

However, I must warn you that there are also some limitations to manipulating your chi into a different kind of energy or doing something different.

Some of the limitations associated with the ability to channel your inner energy into the force that drives human beings include;

  • The benefits that come along with the chi manipulation can only remain if only the host of the energy maintains a clear and pure mind at all times.
  • The ability to perfect one’s ability to ensure that one can channel one energy positively and only when needed takes a lot of time and energy. It appears to be quite a challenge even to my students as most of them give up easily.
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Can Chi Be Manipulated?

In conclusion, I can ascertain that the ability to manage ones inner energy is quite important as the force drives every living being.

Having the ability to ensure that one remains positive more can release negative energy that is not helpful.

Also, it’s highly recommended for other Yoga teachers to teach your students’ chi as it is pretty essential in their day to day activities.

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