Ki energy is the kind of energy that exists everywhere universally.

It is the life force that brings together all that exists in the universe.

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Difference between Chi and Ki.

The difference that exists between Chi and Ki is that Chi is how the Chinese view life while Ki is how the Japanese view life.

In Chinese tradition, Chi manifests in all forms and is energy that moves across all things.

In Japanese tradition, Ki manifests in the martial art known as aikido, an acronym meaning ai-harmony, ki-life energy, do-way thus aikido simply means a way of harmony with life energy.

They also practice a healing art known as reiki, an acronym that stands for rei-universe, ki-energy. 

Ways of using Chi/Ki energy.

During my research, I found that anyone can practice using this energy despite the religion they belong to.

To use Chi/Ki energy, you must first visualize it and completely believe in it as this energy is controlled by your willpower and your visualization.

If you do not believe in it then it will not be possible for you to use it.

Why should you practice Chi/Ki?

I found that practicing Chi/Ki is advantageous as it helps you relax, increases your concentration level, and even helps you connect with the energy existing in the universe that is beneficial when it comes to healing.

When it comes to Ki, you can also use this energy for self-defense or breakage.The main aim of both Chi and Ki is to help you gain control over any situation.

Understanding Chi vs Ki

As I conclude, I would like to say that as per my understanding, Chi is the kinetic energy that moves within you and that you can channel this energy to someone else while Ki is the energy that bonds two beings together.

Thus the difference is brought about on how the energy is utilized, that is, Chi is utilized through internal contact while Ki is utilized through external contact.

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