Craft Your Reality With The Art of Manifestation


We often hear people talk about “your thoughts become your reality”. But what does it mean and how does it shape or have an effect on our reality? I had personally come across this a few years back but did not in the whole wide world believe that my thoughts create my reality. Some people coin the term as – manifestation.

Before we dive deep into manifestation, let me do a quick introduction of the word “manifestation” and where does the term originate, so you have a better understanding of the concept. 

The word “manifestation” originates from the Latin word “manifestare,” which means “to make visible” or “to show plainly.” This term itself is derived from “manifestus,” meaning “clear” or “evident.” The concept of manifestation involves bringing something from the realm of thought or intention into the physical world, making it clear or evident through one’s actions, beliefs, and focus.

In essence, when you practice manifestation and want to bring something into your life, you have to seed it through deliberate thought, intention, focus, and belief (faith). Little do we know that our thoughts and feelings affect our reality. The concept is often linked to the Law of Attraction, which suggests that like attracts like, meaning that positive or negative thoughts can bring about corresponding experiences.

Have you ever encountered something that you have been thinking or speaking of – for a while and it just popped up in your reality, out of the blue? This is one of the manifestations that you have been unconsciously creating for your life.  

From a spiritual perspective, you don’t just think powerfully or believe it hard enough into existence. You have to align your thoughts with the right feelings, right frequency and tune in to your higher self so it will guide you to take the right actions in order to bring your manifestation into your reality (in unexpected ways). It’d be superb if you are vibrating at a higher frequency, such as joy and love. 

Likes attract like, but how does it relate to manifestation? 

Manifestation doesn’t mean you will only manifest positive things into your life, what you put out there, will come back to you based on your wavelength. If you’re unaware of your thoughts, you could risk manifesting negativity (We are human and we have thousands of thoughts going on in our brain, even i admit that i would have some negative thoughts but throughout the times i have developed the habits of consciously observing my thoughts. When negative thoughts appear or I get triggered and negative feelings arise, I usually will take 15 mins – 30 mins to siphon it (sometimes, it could take longer or a few days later re-appear, it’s fine and it’s normal – just be conscious and attentive.  Knowing we have the power to change ourselves and reality, every minute and every second). 

This means you have to be cautious of your thoughts because you’re creating “manifesting” your reality.  Let’s put it this way – the universe doesn’t distinguish or filter your thoughts and manifest only positive things while you’re constantly having negative thoughts, negative self talk or negative feelings.

This breathing exercise could help you to tune your energy and thought back:

1. Take a deep breath and slowly count to 5, 

2. Then, breathe out slowly and count to 5. 

Repeat this exercise for a few times and you’ll notice that you feel better and calmer. This is one of the tool to 

Key Aspects of Mastering the Art of Manifestation: 

Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Sacred Joanne 

  1. Remove all your limiting beliefs 

Before we jump into the whole believe in yourself shit, let’s take time out to assess your mindset and belief system. Because if we don’t acknowledge the limited belief that we have in ourselves, it will affect our manifestation and the way we perceive the world. 

 Write down every aspect of your life, what are the limiting beliefs that you have placed upon the area. Remove them all – limited beliefs about your life and yourself. The universe is infinite and abundant, whenever you have a limited belief, you discount the possibility of attaining and retaining what you want.
(PS: What you put out = what you get)  

  1. Re-program: You are abundant, you deserve the best and there’s always a way to make things happen!  

After you have identified the limited beliefs, you need to reprogram your mindset (gradually awaken your divine birthright – abundance). Having an abundant mindset is essential and powerful because it illuminates the impossible to possible – especially when we have nothing (know that it is just temporary, probably due to the scarcity mindset and lack of awareness in our thoughts.) 

  1. Get clear on your manifestation priority list 

You need to gain clarity and list down the things that you want to manifest, then prioritize it because you can’t just manifest 55 things and send them out to the universe, expect them to come to you all at once. If you have difficulty getting the priorities, meditate or listen to your heart. 

  1. Set your intention without attachment to the outcome

If your mind is not clear, your intention setting will not get clearly defined. You can also use affirmations to help you with setting intentions. Simultaneously, you need to set the intention without attaching to the outcome, you must have absolute faith and  “assume” that the thing or outcome that you want is already manifested.  

This is very important, you do not manifest things when you’re in need or want something. You need to develop the acceptance or assume that the present moment – Now that the manifestation has materialized. You need to – act as if (with total faith) that it is done. 

Intent, on the other hand, comes from a calm acceptance of the present moment and a pure determination to externalize that which is already ours. 

  1. Be an artist and visualize your dreams

Mentally picture your desired outcome or you could visualize yourself in your desired outcome. You can search online or take pictures from books and magazines to assist you with your visualization journey. Begin with a small step, but ensure you don’t have any distraction during your visualization process. You can start with 33 seconds, once you have built up the momentum you can extend it longer to 11:11 minutes. There are no restrictions on the timing you set. Back when I was visualizing,  I started off with 33 seconds, gradually when I had molded the mental picture, I extended the duration. There could be some frustration when you are a first timer, so be gentle and don’t rush.  If you’re being guided to the manifestation tool, you’re in good hands 🙂 

  1. Feel it and let it go 

It is very important that once you have crafted your mental picture, you must feel joy and happiness in it. After you have molded the feelings, just let it go and trust the process. One way to validate your manifestation process is when you can visualize with ease, without having to try it so hard. 

  1. Vibes higher and be consistent 

It’s not easy but always keep vibrating higher and be consistent during your manifestation journey. Walk in nature, play with pets or do things that make you feel happy to keep the vibes higher. You can use crystal to tune your chakra and vibration. You need to build a routine and  be consistent, avoid trying too hard as it will create resistance. Remember once you’ve molded the picture and align with the right feeling, just let it go completely.  Do not seek nor ask. 

  1. Be conscious towards your actions 

Meditate or do something that makes you feel joyful. Listen to your heart for guidance. You need to be conscious of your actions. Next, take steps towards your dreams, as manifestation is not just about thinking but also about doing. You are co-creating with the universe.

  1. Gratitude speeds up your manifestation 

Being thankful for what you have and for what you are about to receive will speed up your manifestation. Gratitude is the fuel for your manifestation. Write it down and feel grateful for all the manifestations that have turned into reality. 

Happy Manifesting!

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