Hey you! I bet you don’t know this, but there are five different types of Tai Chi.

They have all been studied extensively, and they work in different ways for different people.

Some say that the tai chi type you practice can affect your mood, energy level, sleep quality, and even fertility.

So what’s the best one? That depends on who you ask!

Here, I will show you five different types of Tai Chi. Read on…

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5 Different Styles of Tai Chi

1. Yang style Tai Chi

Yang style tai chi is often touted as the most popular type of Tai Chi.

It is a good all-rounder and can be practiced by anyone regardless of fitness or age.

It has been shown to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength, making it great for beginners!

Yang style Tai Chi movements promote a sense of well-being, and gentle exercise is good for people who have high blood pressure, chronic pain, or stress.

2. Wu-style Tai Chi

Wu style tai chi is the most aggressive of all five types.

It features sudden, rapid movements and has been shown to improve balance, coordination, strength, and burn calories.

Many people who compete in martial arts competitions use Wu-style Tai Chi for training before their bouts!

3. Chen style Tai Chi

Chen Tai Chi is considered to be the slowest of all five types.

It has very gentle movements and focuses on soft, circular motions that are repeated repeatedly in a meditative manner.

Rather than using forceful or aggressive moves like Wu-style tai chi, Chen’s style relies upon quick reflexes to counter an attack.

Chen Tai also promotes a sense of well-being that makes it an excellent exercise for anyone who suffers from chronic pain or high blood pressure.

Lastly, because this type relies upon quick reflexes to counter an attack, Chen style Tai Chi is often recommended for people who wish to improve their balance and coordination.

4. Sun style Tai Chi

Sun style Tai Chi is different from the other four types because it does not rely on fancy or complicated moves but instead relies upon simplicity.

Sun Style tai chi focuses heavily on building from one posture to another without stopping and returning to the first position before moving onto a new posture.

This type of tai chi requires very little movement and is considered the most popular style practiced by beginners.

Sun style Tai Chi also emphasizes a lot of relaxation in its movements, so it can be beneficial for people looking to lower their blood pressure or have chronic pain due to tension.

This type of tai chi does not require any blocks or strikes like other types.

5. Wuji Tai Chi

The Wuji style is an ancient form of tai chi that relies on self-development and meditation.

This type focuses more heavily on the internal aspects rather than external forms, such as the movements of the body or breathing patterns.

And it’s also important for people who practice this style to move at a slower pace so they can focus on their breath.

There are five types of Tai Chi. Tai chi is a great form of exercise that anyone can do.

It’s a system of slow, smooth, and flowing movements that are practiced for their beauty and health benefits. Success as you start practicing Tai Chi styles.

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