Yes, Tai Chi does build muscle.

Despite being a gentle and slow way of exercising, it focuses on all fitness components of the body thus resulting in muscle strength.

In this blog, I will be discussing how Tai Chi results in muscle build-up and how it has helped me on my muscle-building journey.

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How does Tai Chi build muscle?

Muscle strengthening.

Continuous practicing of Tai Chi can help improve both your upper body strength and your lower body strength.

The movements involved in Tai Chi usually engage the upper body muscles, the core muscles, and lower body muscles thus resulting in work done in these muscle areas leaving your muscles fully toned and strengthened.

The good thing about Tai Chi is that you don’t have to use the equipment.

Compared to resistant training, Tai Chi leaves you with the same kind of effect but only if you continuously practice it.

As I practiced my Tai Chi, I found out that after continuous practice, the muscle build-up in my body just got better and better.

I could feel the change in my muscle strength both my lower and upper body and I felt stronger than before.

I even found that carrying out my day-to-day tasks got easier as I had the strength to do it.


To be flexible, your body requires great muscle strength. The good thing is that with Tai Chi, you will be able to acquire great flexibility.

The flexibility is acquired from the motions involved in Tai Chi such as joint flexing as you will be fully aware of every movement you make thus can easily control it.Do remember that Tai Chi taps into your inner energy thus leaving you in full control of your body.

This is probably why it is said that Tai Chi is meditation in motion.Getting involved in Tai Chi greatly improved how flexible I was.

I have become swifter with my movement as my body reflexes have improved greatly.


There is no greater achievement than balance when it comes to muscle build-up.

With balance, you can easily gain full body control and avoid injuries.

Pulling your limbs inwards and pushing those outwards again while shifting your weight from one leg to another helps in attaining a complete balance of your body.

This is because, with continuous practice, the mind automatically gets triggered in being keen with body movement thus can easily interpret body movements. (2)

Does Tai Chi Help Build Muscle?

As I conclude, I would like to say that Tai Chi does help build muscle.

All you have to do is follow your routine and don’t miss a practice if you can and after an average of 12 weeks, you will be able to notice the difference not only physically but also psychologically.

Just a reminder, Tai Chi is not only practiced by old people. It is a fitness exercise that can be practiced by all ages.

I mean I am a 38-year-old woman with a husband and kids and I can testify that practicing Tai Chi has helped me greatly when it comes to muscle build-up greatly improving my flexibility and balance and leaving me with more strengthened and toned muscles.

So if I can do it then you can also do it.

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