Yes, Tai Chi will help you burn calories.

As a parent, I have to be physically fit to play around with my kids and comfortably handle house chores.

Note that to burn more calories with Tai Chi, you ought to attend the classes regularly.

Also, to facilitate the burning of calories, it is significant that you incorporate a low-calorie diet with your exercise. I will discuss how Tai Chi helps in burning calories.

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How Does Tai Chi Help Burn Calories

You need to understand that the rate at which every individual burn calories per session differ.

The determining factors of the number of calories burnt are your weight and your physical effort in class.

The following are ways in which Tai Chi classes can help burn calories…

Stress Reducer

When you are stressed, the body releases cortisol, a hormone that stimulates the release of insulin.

Insulin will then maintain the blood sugar level and fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

As a result, you will have the urge of eating foods with more fat.

It means you will have more calories in your body.

Notably, Tai Chi is not only beneficial to the body but also the mind.

Therefore, from the movements in the sessions, your mind will get rid of any element that causes you stress.

It, therefore, limits the production of cortisol, implying you will keep off meals with high calories.

Enhances the Metabolic Rate

Just like any other workout routine, Tai Chi has a positive effect on the body.

With the slow, gentle movements from the session, your bones and muscles will gain strength.

Also, there will be an increase in the metabolic rate, meaning that it will burn more calories.

Boredom Reliever

When I am bored, I find myself overeating in one sitting.

Therefore, to avoid bad eating behaviour that leads to more calories, I consider Tai Chi classes.

The workout routine keeps my mind busy, which means that I will maintain the number of calories in my body and burn the excess ones.

How Often Should You go for Tai Chi Sessions?

Several factors will determine how often you should attend your classes.

First, it depends on the number of calories that you are targeting to burn.

The second determining factor is your availability on a weekly or a daily basis.

Therefore, you have to evaluate your schedule.

According to a study done on individuals, they lost more than one pound in 12 weeks.

This is after going for Tai Chi five times weekly and 45 minutes each session.

Note that to lose one pound, you will have to burn at least 3,500 calories.

From the study, it is evident that you have a high chance of burning more calories by frequently attending the sessions.

You should engage with your Tai Chi teacher to know a routine that would work for you.

It will guarantee you of burning more calories and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, Does Tai Chi Burn Calories?

Yes, Tai Chi sessions will help you burn calories.

However, note that it will take time to burn many calories because of the slow and gentle movements taught in the sessions.

Therefore, you should attend Tai Chi classes regularly.

Also, let your teacher know your purpose for attending class is as they can help draft a routine to help you achieve positive results.

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