Unlike other martial arts, tai chi does not have a grade system or a belt that you gain. 

There are no exams either.

However, there are certain levels of progression among students that distinguishes them.

You need to show outermost dedication to gain progression so that you can achieve the highest level.

Below are the levels of Tai Chi.

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Five Levels of Tai Chi

There are five different levels in Tai Chi that distinguishes individuals.

These include the following;

1. Form and Posture

This is the basic beginner level that teaches on the necessary skills that you need to learn about chi energy.

Tai Chi is very ancient and so many different advancements of it are emerging.

Many people do not usually go beyond this level and most teachers do not either.

It is mostly common in western countries.

In this level you will learn the correct ways in which you can generate chi energy around you. You will learn how to cultivate chi energy flow within you.

For you to fully grasp the concept of chi master the art’s relaxed and rounded stances, you will need to dedicate six months to it.

It is a long time and that is why most people give up in this stage.

You imagine spending half a year only to learn basic concepts.

That is why chi needs you to fully dedicate your mind and soul to it for you to be successful.

When you can be able to control the form and posture, you will develop the internal movement of chi.

2. Chi Awareness

Once you fully know the correct posture and understand form, you can now focus on feeling the chi energy.

You may develop the tendency to perform movements quickly and that is why you should concentrate on smooth and slow movements.

Physical movements are external chi which should tally with internal chi.

You need to fully understand this level for you to move to the next step.

It requires at least five years of training.

3. Studying with a Master

Here, you will need to conduct your sessions with the master either daily or a good number of times in a week.

You will engage in the martial arts type aspects of tai chi.

You will learn fighting techniques with weapons and also involve both external and internal chi in combat stances.

You may practice at this level for even a decade but it usually lasts for two years.

4. Disciple and Lineage Holder

As a tai chi student, at this level you are worthy disciple of receiving the specialist knowledge and secret from your master.

At level four of training, the tai chi master confirms that you have enough discipline to receive valuable information and knowledge regarding tai chi training.

The master is the lineage holder and he decides which student is worthy of attaining level five training.

He is also keen with the disciple with whom he will later assign to be the lineage holder.

5. Perfect Balance

It takes patience, tolerance and complete dedication for a student to attain level five.

At this level, the tai chi master has perfect balance and complete mastery of the mind and body.

Does Tai Chi Have Belts?

There are no belts in tai chi but there are five different levels that distinguish students.

They include;

  • Form and posture
  • Chi awareness
  • Studying with a master
  • Discipline and lineage holder
  • Perfect Balance.

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