There are several schools in Melbourne where you can find free Tai Chi classes. However, it is dependent on various factors.

I am more into the therapeutic side of Tai Chi, which helps me keep calm and disciplined. This article will help you find free Tai Chi classes around Melbourne and how to get it.

Characteristics of Free Tai Chi Classes in Melbourne

Depth of the Session

First, Tai Chi is a way of life whose philosophy rests on respect and fitness. Therefore, most classes that teach Tai Chi for free must include it in their build-up.

It is an extra-curricula activity for advanced Tai Chi schools which rely on the free session to attract more into their master class.

Organizers hold the session in the open air, especially in parks due to the large numbers.

Most people go in for the exercises and discipline, which is the hallmark of Tai Chi. The new students will have a session with the Masters and experienced Tai Chi experts to inspire them in their journey.

Time Allocated per Session

Most free sessions happen for a maximum of one hour, especially when the school is not busy. Every time on the school’s calendar is accounted for based on the client’s schedules.

As a community empowerment initiative, some Tai Chi schools in Melbourne hold a 1-hour session for free. The target is to introduce people to the Tai Chi way of life and aspire to know more.

If its doctrine excites you, you can now sign up for the advanced classes. In essence, free sessions take one hour, where the teacher orients the students on Tai Chi.

Age of the Participants

If you are young, getting free Tai Chi sessions is high. The trainers do it to train the young people into its doctrine.

Youth have all the time to figure out their lives, and starting them off with Tai Chi can shape their lives.

It means that young people have more opportunities for free Tai Chi sessions than mature people.

In business, they are part of the long-term plan of the school as they offer continuity, compared to mature people.

If you have time, consider joining the free session as a young person and grow into it.

Moreover, you can get good discounts when you decide to continue to the advanced stage. I benefited from this factor, growing into Tai Chi and embracing its doctrine today.

Age of the School

If a school starts up, it will offer free or subsidized sessions. The aim is to give people a trial of what to expect when they formally sign in. It applies to schools that are below 2 years old.

This is an excellent opportunity to benefit from these sessions before the school turns professional. Although such situations are hard to come, utilize them when the opportunity arises.

Special Calendar Days

The world celebrates Tai Chi and Qigong every year on the last Saturday of April. It is common within the Oceania region, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

The aim is to promote medical research (ancient Chinese medicine), improve rehabilitation and enroll people into the culture.

In the build-up to the D-day, most Tai Chi Schools offer free sessions for all people. Utilize these sessions to learn more about Tai Chi and its overall benefit to human beings.

Schools that Offer Tai Chi Lessons for Free

Considering the factors discussed above, the following schools in Melbourne offer free Tai Chi lessons.

  • Celestial Tai Chi College
  • Golden Lion Academy
  • Box Hill Community Arts Centre
  • Rising Moon Tai Chi School
  • Qilin School of Tai Chi Chuan


There are numerous places to learn Tai Chi for free in Melbourne. However, the sessions are not entirely free.

You must capitalize on special occasions to benefit from the free lessons. Also, consider your Tai Chi phase to benefit maximally to the session.

Young people have a high chance of getting free sessions compared to older people.

Likewise, new Tai Chi establishments are more likely to give free sessions than established schools. From the reasons listed above, find the one that applies to you and utilize it.

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