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There are several schools in Singapore where you can get free tai chi classes. However, the classes aren’t free as they are either part of a package or an offer.

I will list down martial arts schools in Singapore to find free Tai Chi classes. Capitalize on the timings to benefit from the free offers given.

Schools in Singapore Offering Free Tai Chi Lessons

Singapore Wushu

It is one of the premier Tai Chi schools in Singapore. The school is located along Waterloo Street off Orchard Road.

The Wushu Tai Chi training hosts both the young and older people, with trial classes for new members at the beginning of every session. If you capitalize on the trial classes, there are free lessons to try out.

There is no mention of charges per session on the home page, although the school has a package for corporates.

Since the school aims to mold its disciples into all-around individuals, you can join any class and benefit from the lessons for free.

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Jing Wushu Academy

The school has an elaborate Tai Chi lesson plan, including sessions and their benefits. Its trainers are among the most revered, boasting extensive experience and Tai Chis finest sessions.

Jing Wushu Academy is located along North Bridge Road in the Kampong Glam area. Most of its starter sessions are free, which you can utilize.

Only corporates and selected individuals pay for the sessions since they are advanced.

Their main aim is to promote healthy living, teach tolerance and cultivate good morals among the participants.

You can also join in on special occasions where they offer free sessions to give back to society.

Singapore Jian Chuan Tai Chi Association

Founders of this academy focused on its spread throughout Asia, and Singapore was one of their bases outside China. The academy is part of the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation.

Basic Tai Chi training is free, which seeks to increase Tai Chi followership in Singapore. It involves the basic principles, warm-up, the 108 forms, and walking style.

The school is on Lavender Street near TwoBakeBoys. Walk-in and enquire about Free Tai Chi introductory sessions.

Also, keep an eye on their communication platforms to note any free session, especially on important dates on the Tai Chi calendar.

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Singapore Tai Chi Society

The society has its training premises on 432 Balestier Road opposite Wasser Bath Pte. They offer all Tai Chi lessons, ranging from introductory to advanced sessions.

Beginners’ classes are primarily free and comprise relaxing steps and Tai Chi’s basic 37 steps.

Other sessions such as the weapon routine steps and Yang Style Taiji Quan require experienced coaches, which comes at a fee.

Concentrate on the beginners’ sessions which don’t cost a penny.

However, there are offers on special occasions that offer free advanced sessions. Keep an eye on the website and promotional pages to find free sessions.


Taiji.sg focus is foundation training, Tai Chi principles, and traditional martial arts. These are introductory sessions, which are free on special occasions.

Advanced sessions such as the in-depth analysis and weapon charge require a subscription.

The academy is on Siglap road off Bedok North Road. It is within the Singapore fitness district that comprises other martial arts academies such as the Art of Yoga and the World Nam Wah Pai Association.

Besides the norma Tai Chi lessons, you will benefit from its teachings, respect, and general body wellness. Visit Taiji.sg website for more on the journey to self-awareness.

Other Tai Chi schools in Singapore that offer free sessions include:

  • Tai Chi Productions – free class, but has a subscription for the program.
  • Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi – free beginners sessions
  • LEAP Service – it is free since it runs on YouTube
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Free Tai Chi in Singapore

There are several Tai Chi schools in Singapore that offer free classes. However, you have to be strategic since the free sessions are on special occasions.

Most sessions are free for beginners, focusing on Tai Chi foundation philosophy and basic moves.

Utilize such offers, learn more about Tai Chi and improve your overall health and well-being.

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