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It is vital to have good Chi in your home or workplace to archive good health and a sense of well-being.

The act of creating good Chi is known as Feng shui. ‘Feng’ means wind, whereas ‘Shui means water.

Chinese believe that wind and water exist to signify good luck in a home.

How do you get good Chi?

Feng shui is a simple step to archive a peaceful environment.

It is the idea to reorganize your home to get good chi.

You should pay attention to the entrance, the kitchen and bedroom.

Below are tips to follow;

How To Earn Good Chi In 4 Steps

1.Elimination of clutter in the rooms

Apart from keeping the house neat, decluttering is important for Feng shui.

You have to apply this to every room to get free circulation of fresh air and improve living conditions.

Clearing up space makes you more productive as the simple task clutters your mind to deep Tai chi.

2.Review the entryway

Use minimal furniture and decor on your foyer; Feng shui believes that entryways need to be bright with less obstruction.

Your entryway is the mouth of your place.

Therefore, it should attract positive energy.

Reorganizing your entryway gives your visitors a welcoming feeling and helps good Chi find its way to the house.

3.Reduce the sunlight energy flow

Balance the amount of sunlight that gets into your house.

When the light rays pierce through the front and back door simultaneously, it increases the energy level hence disrupting Chi.

You can reduce chi energy by laying down a pattern rag on the floor or placing art décor on the walls.

4.Add the five elements to the house

There are five elements of feng shui which include;

  • earth
  • wood
  • fire
  • metal
  • water

It is advisable to include the elements either directly or symbolically.

Many people fail to obtain good quality chi because of the element imbalance.

5.Enhancing the Kitchen

The kitchen is an important room in the house and what you cook contributes to the kind of energy you require for good Chi.

Stoves bring to contribute to positive chi. You can include a mirror behind the stove to attract good fortune.

Fruits, flowers and bright colors also create the potential for good Chi.


The above practices do not consume your time, yet you will have a good chi moment.

In summary, these tips include:

  • Elimination of clutter
  • Clearing the entrance
  • Reducing energy flow
  • Balancing five elements off feng shui
  • Enhancing the kitchen appearance

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