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The Oxford Dictionary describes gratitude as the attitude of being thankful, or the readiness to show appreciation for kindness and to return kindness.

Mental health, which is one of the biggest problems of the 21st century for human beings, has forced us to go back to the basic fundamentals of life.

Gratitude is one of those fundamentals.

Recent studies have shown that people who are grateful, or who spend time consciously counting their blessings have been found to be happier and have lower levels of depression.

4 Gratitude Questions To Ask Yourself Daily

1. How can I make today better?

This question is important because it brings power back to the individual.

Most of the times people think that they have very little power over what is actually going on, and this extends to things as simple as your day.

24 hours is a very long time for a thinking brain, meaning that at some point we are bound to fall into bouts of depression.

This question brings you back to reality and helps you analyze the current situation, helping you find things or moments to be grateful for.

2. What did I learn?

Due to its reflective nature, it is advisable to ask this question at the end of the day.

The nature of the question allows us to go back to moments of the day that left an impression on us, whether positive or negative.

If we allow it, life is able to teach us very valuable lessons even from the most painful of experiences.

This going back to moments in our day can really help us analyze our actions and thoughts and appreciate things like our decision making.

3. What do I have to look forward to?

This feels like the opposite of the previous question.

As opposed to being reflective, this question is more hopeful.

It opens up your day to possibilities that could happen during that day.

This question could be a very good pointer in journaling. It forces us to imagine how life can be on that day.

It almost seems like in this case we are being grateful for things even before they happen, but this is one of those moments where you just need to trust the process.

4. What am I grateful for?

This can be a great alternative to the “what did you learn” question.

With this one though it feels more long term, like you are reflecting on things that happened in the past few days or weeks or even couple of months.

This could be an easy way of making yourself feel better when you are low.

Remembering good things that have happened to you can help create a sense of wellbeing that is important when we feel depressed.

It reassures us that since good things happened to us before then there is a high possibility that they will happen again in the present or the future.

The Key with gratitude (see what a token of gratitude is) is to always answer each of these questions, because there is always an answer to it, you just have to search for it.

These are just a few of the questions that we think can be of help when you want to feel positive.

A good exercise would be changing the questions that you ask yourself every week.

Have fun with it.

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