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It is a powerful quote by Melody Beattie.

It acts as a reminder to tell us that you can achieve anything you want with a little sense of gratitude.

All the acquired things bring about clarity and peace of mind. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

Besides all that, gratitude turns denial into acceptance. In life, things may not always turn up as planned.

Whatever the situation, we should always be grateful.

It is important to remain positive for what we have and what we learnt in the process.

It makes it easier to accept any situation and avoid being in denial of any negative occurrence.

Being positive in life helps us accept that there is a reason for everything in our lives.

Life is full of confusion, and chaos becomes clearer with a little sense of gratitude.

A small sense of gratitude (learn how to ask the right questions here) helps us both in the present and future by giving us a vision for today and tomorrow.

Remember, there is a clear difference between being grateful and being thankful.

We only become thankful or thank someone when acknowledging the existence of something.

For example, when your make your order in the hotel and the waiter brings it, you thank the waiter for the service.

In this case, you acknowledge the waiter for doing the job, and you can eat peacefully.

On the other hand, gratitude involves acknowledging and appreciating something.

There is a connection between your daily attitude to gratitude (through journaling or just out loud) and a deep emotional state.

Unlike being thankful, which exists in the mind, appreciation comes from the heart.

Showing gratitude about something greatly affects your mental, emotional, and physical state.

It helps you remain positive and happy. In the long run, your body relaxes hence a feeling of healing and comfort.

It is not easy to wrap up your mind with gratitude. It is normal for humans to want more hence making it harder to be grateful.

It is not a natural occurrence, but frequent practice can help strengthen it.

Like how one engages in training to build the body muscles, one needs to put more exercise to enhance the level of gratitude.

How To Increase Your Level of Gratitude

Here are simple practices to use put in action and to help strengthen your level of gratitude;

1. Create a list of things you are grateful for each day

2. Share your rough experiences with a close friend or relative. This move will help clear off your mind.

3. Before getting to bed, ensures that you appreciate everything that occurred during the day.

The more practice you put, the more your heart becomes stronger.

You get to learn more about life, and it helps you appreciate any eventuality that occurs.

Final Words

Life will always not be in the balance.

At a certain point in life, you may have more, and you may have less at some point.

Enjoying life is not about how much one can acquire but about the level of happiness brought about by what you have.

Learn to appreciate everything in your life from the little things you own, and it will help you have more.

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