One morning, I chatted with my elder sister about how happy I was after getting a chance to study at Harvard University.

It was an excellent chance for me to travel outside the country and study together with great minds.

My sister was so proud and asked me, ‘’why don’t you write about it on my social media pages the same way you do after a heartbreak’’.

The statement made me pause for some seconds, after which I responded that very few people care about happiness since no one can claim to be that happy.

After the small chat with my elder sister, I had a long conversation with my inner self and kept thinking about happiness and whether happiness is real or an illusion.

I want to share my personal view about happiness and its difference from feeling content. From my experience, I have come to realize that happiness only comes with certain situations in life.

The moment you get disrupted by an unexpected event, happiness disappears, and sorrow sets in.

Currently, I am on a journey to discover what true happiness is.

I believe happiness is a choice you make. Happiness fluctuates and is affected by circumstances, emotions, and situations.

I believe that true happiness is only achieved by constantly working to maintain it and finding inner peace.

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How do You Define Happiness?

I believe that happiness acts as a cover-up to the pain you are feeling.

Everyone’s goal is to be happy and avoid the feeling of sorrow, grief, loneliness, and remove all insecurities in life.

I would love to advise you that these goals are not attainable.

The plans only make you believe that you will be happy once you achieve them, but that is only temporary.

That feeling quickly fades away, and within a short time, you still feel empty than you felt before.

It is normal to think that once you become successful, happiness will automatically set in.

But how do you define success? What are your key indicators to determine what success is?

People define success as becoming rich and having a family.

But have you asked yourself how many people are rich and have great families but are yet to find happiness?

Daily I read stories about how prominent people break up with their partners.

These stories leave me wondering what the main problem is.

I try to find inner peace by reading the Bible, practising yoga, and meditation.

These activities have led me to accept that your current situation in life is temporary.

Finding inner peace is more important than looking for happiness. Happiness is never attainable. It is a choice.

Whatever choice you make lets you discover what inner peace is. The choices you make define who you are and bring you closer to knowing more about yourself.

According to Matt Killingsworth, happiness is only attainable when we are mindful of the moment we are in.

So, Is Happiness An Illusion Or Not?

The reality of all this is that you are not entirely responsible for your happiness.

It is impossible not to care about what other people think, and as humans, external factors are likely to affect you.

But remember, satisfaction is not a guarantee of happiness, and it is just an illusion. Happiness is when you can learn to accept reality.

True happiness (is that the same as bliss?) comes from having a great healthy mind that superimposes all emotions and embraces all the great times and sorrow that come into your life.

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