Before I explain what “happiness is an inside job” means (to me at least) let me share a story which led me down a path to finding happiness…

As a child, I lived a chaotic life as my parents were drunkards and they would quarrel every night.

My grandmother was different from them. She would take me on a toy tour and ask me to pick the most alluring baby dolls.

On those occasions, I would envy kids who moved around with their parents.

She was doing the best she could to make me happy. But when I went back home, everything would turn back to hell.

I fancied what I would feel if I lived a stable life because I couldn’t distinguish amongst those who really loved and cared for me.

As I matured, the intervention had to happen. I began reading books, “in what way to find happiness.”

But every book would suggest, “For you to be happy, learn to love yourself first.” It sounded simple, but that was the most difficult lesson.

It was a journey to find happiness.

Do you want to know how I finally discovered that “happiness was an inside job” (aka figured out how to be happy)?

Keep reading this guide…

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What is Happiness?

Happiness is a psychological state of amusing emotions. It is an inside job. It relies on what you think. Why do I say that?

Our emotions are the results of our thoughts.

Above all, our emotions describe our reality. Happiness is within our control. You can’t be happy if you don’t love yourself.

Your happiness could be waiting for you somewhere also.

You might even find out that you had it all along.

3 Routines For Happiness

How do you find out? Practice these routines below in your life.

They might help you find the ability to accept your past, feel loved, and finally find your happiness.

Do Yoga Activities

Those who are on workout programs like Yoga say they are happier and healthier. Yoga reduces tiredness, anger, and unease.

Research has proven that yoga practices improve our physical and mental health.

So if you are on the journey of finding happiness, why don’t you start yoga?


Mediation is regarded as the source of inner peace and calmness.

It increases your feel-good moods, which on the other hand, raises your aptitude for happiness.

Do you know why I suggest it? I have tried it, and it really worked.

It lowers your tendency to relate to negativity.

Also, it upsurges your senses of sharpness, therefore, dropping your anxiety levels.

Studies show that meditation is an inner worrier because it flags off fear and anxious feelings.

Be Spiritual 

Spirituality is the best way to happiness. Research has even proven that those with spiritual beliefs are happier than those who don’t.

These beliefs give one a sense of wellbeing and ease. Spiritual people are helpful, more productive, and loyal.

Things we believe make us happy. So if you want to find your happiness, be spiritual.

Don’t look for richness or luxurious life because it might make you miserable sometimes.

So, Is Happiness An Inside Job?

In my experience, what you have does not define happiness. Living a luxurious life doesn’t bring it because many things trigger it.

Please don’t search for it outside because it isn’t a reward.

Happiness is an inner job. It is a feeling that is triggered inside us.

Doing activities like yoga and meditation can help you find your happiness.

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