I was on a journey to achieve happiness, find inner peace and get a calm state of mind.

I made this choice to embark on this journey to be able to be in a happy state no matter the situation that I face.

Because of this, I did some research to find happiness to the point of being blissful.

Bliss is the state of achieving complete happiness.

In this article, I will be discussing how to achieve a blissful state and the ways of getting there sharing my journey on what I found.

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Happiness Is Bliss Meaning

The difference between happiness and bliss is that happiness is attained emotionally while bliss is the state of mind.

What I mean is that with happiness, you only achieve it through external sources.

This means that until you get what you believe will make you happy, you will not experience happiness.

On the other hand, with bliss, you attain happiness daily no matter what life throws at you be it something good or bad.

Now I know you are wondering how you can get to the point of attaining a blissful state.

Well, this is easy. I discovered that you can get blissful by digging deeper into your spiritual side.

This is either by being involved in yoga, meditation, or even tai chi. Tai chi is a force believed to control the entire universe that begun in A.D. 527.

On a spiritual level, bliss is a soul experience that lasts eternally. To achieve it, you have to let go of your desire and go beyond your mind and intellect.

You let go of desire because you already have what you will ever need in this life. Psychologists say that we have 60,000 thoughts in just a single day.

So how do you get to silence these thoughts and achieve peace of mind? By practicing yoga and meditation and even tai chi, you get the healing effect it brings as you get to reflect on life and what matters.

You get to reach out to your inner self and get to find the peace that lays deep within. It brings out the oneness of existence and forgets about your sufferings.

While practicing yoga, meditation, or even tai chi, you need to devote yourself to the practice and embark on the journey wholly for it to work.

This involves discipline and consistency to it.

Happiness Is Bliss, True Or False?

As I conclude, I want to share some points that I have discussed. After going through the article, I am sure that you have come to the same conclusion as I did.

In attaining bliss, you get to achieve permanent happiness.

Bliss is happiness that is not dependent on external circumstances.

The various ways I have mentioned above are just a guide to help you get to a blissful state.

I wish you all the best in attaining permanent happiness and getting inner peace.

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