“Happiness Is Not A Destination” is a popular slogan on wall signs for home decor or on t-shirts but it’s not clear who originally said it.

I take it to mean the following…

Happiness is not a destination; it is a way of life, it is a journey, and it is a mindset, a perspective, a choice. 

It’s not something you only obtain in life when “X”  happens (e.g. when you make money) or “Y” arrives (e.g. when you find love) but instead something you must find within yourself regardless of what you have or don’t have in life.

Because if you cannot find it within even when you finally get what you want (or what you think you want) in life then any happiness that comes with it will be fleeting and eventually disappear.

Plus what happens if you lose all that money you dreamed of or the love of your life cheats on you? You’ll be back at square one and no happier again.

That’s why you must find happiness from within yourself so that whatever life throws at you it’s your choice how to react, and you can choose with all your abilities to be happy. 

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My Journey to Finding Happiness, Bring Calm to My Mind, and Find Inner Peace.

Allow me to share my journey of finding my happiness.

Inner peace is a choice that is determined by the amount of peace you experience in your everyday life.

I was in one of these lonely places recently; my life was filled with disagreements and conflicts.

I was frustrated, and my inner peace and happiness were shattered. I decided to temporarily back off, retreat into silence and reflect on the whole situation.

I understood that struggles in life are finite, and we all suffer but it’s our choice how we react to them.

And if we choose to be stuck in a negative and unhappy mindset because things aren’t going as we planned or hoped, we will never be happy because the universe always has different plans for us.

“Life is the things that happen whilst you’re busy making plans” – John Lennon

Happiness Is The Journey Not The Destination

This kind of inner peace and happiness will lift you above success, failure, the positives, and the negatives of life-it leave us in poise and a sense of calm detachment in the face of life’s changing fortunes and tribulations.

People who have developed inner peace are compelling.

Practice yoga, meditation, and tai chi to improve your happiness levels.

I wish you all the best in your pursuit of finding happiness and inner peace.

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