Happiness Is Only Real When Shared, True or False?

In the early days when I started my journey to find true and lasting happiness, I came across the story of Christopher McCandless.

The quote “Happiness Is Only Real When Shared” is attributed to him.

At the end of his young life, Christopher lived in the Alaskan wilderness, where he had gone to venture on a quest in search of a meaningful life.

He was a young man who was disillusioned with people and life.

He opted to live in the wilderness, where he came to the realization that happiness is only real when shared.

He gave up a life of comfort from his wealthy family and went hitchhiking alone while searching for the meaning of life.

As he came to the end of his life, he discovered that happiness is only real when shared because then, it is experienced in a greater measure.

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What Is Shared Happiness

Shared happiness is when you share happy moments, good news, wins and achievements, and generally what is important to you with people you care about.

The idea that happiness becomes more tangible when shared was examined in an article in Psychology Today.

When we experience positive experiences yet do not fully enjoy them or even become entirely aware of them, true happiness is not realised.

We thoroughly enjoy these happy experiences when we share them with others.

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

People by nature, are social beings. Even people who prefer being alone for long periods will seek other people’s company from time to time.

Happiness is only real when shared is a true statement.

People who share their happy moments or achievements are happier and more satisfied than those who don’t.

The same occurs for people who write down their accomplishments, for example, in a journal.

This is because studies have shown that when you share your happiness with others, the part of your brain that controls your senses also plays a role in storing emotionally charged memories.

When shared with your loved ones, this memory is stored as a happy experience prolonging the feeling of happiness and boosts your well-being.

How To Share Your Happiness

Sometimes I find it hard to share certain things that make me happy because I feel like I will be conceived as bragging.

However, I learnt that it is essential to share my happiness with the right people. This is because they will be happy for you, which increases your satisfaction, and you will feel more uplifted and optimistic.

The more people you share your happiness with, the happier you will be. Share your happiness with the right people.

You will increase your pleasure because they will mirror the joy you feel, therefore increasing it.

People who will not be happy when you share your happiness will burst your bubble; avoid them.

Happiness is only real when shared is true. Delight that you keep to yourself will not be as enjoyable and memorable as the one you share with loved ones.

The people who will be happy for you will increase the pleasure of your shared happiness and prolong the feeling of joy.