Spiritual disciplines such as Tai chi, Yoga, OiGong, and Chakra are the energy centers since they connect to various organs within you body.

There are different pronunciations of Chakra and it depends with where you are from.

You will realize mispronunciation of Chakra, especially with most people.

They pronounce it as “Shock-ra” others pronounce the term as “Shakra” and I find it annoying.

However, the term should be pronounced as Chak-ra.

It would be best if you learnt that chakras will help to distribute energy within your body.

Normally, the word chakra is used to mean a cycle.

Thus, chakra is a cycle of energies situated along the spine. To be precise, there are 7 main chakras all along the spine…

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Why Chakra exercises are important#

Every part of the body relates or is connected to chakra and this affects some aspects in your life.

Aspects such as self-confidence, creativity are affected by chakra.

Energy has to flow freely along the chakras to remain mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

However, the chakras can be blocked due to negative thoughts, poor diet, lack of exercises and stress.

When the free flow of energy across the spine is disrupted, it leads to mental, emotional and physical issues.

Thus, it would be best if you exercised, and do yogic postures to avoid the chakras disturbing your life energy.

How Chakra mediation relates to exercises

Chakra meditation is diverse and it covers all sorts of practices.

Just as there are many practices, some of them are exercised to heal, bring relaxation and for spiritual awakening.

To get the best out of spiritual practice, it would be excellent if you hire a competent teacher.

Constant chakra meditation exercises will lead to an improved health and personal transformation.

Even though, chakra mediation requires you to focus, remain relaxed and balance.

The 7 chakras you should know

There are 7 chakras and each serves a certain function. Below are the chakras presented in details.

1. The crown chakra

It’s also regarded as sahasrara and its connection to the divine. As the name crown suggests, its positioned at the top of the head.

The crown chakra represents spiritual consciousness thus it’s the core.

Crown chakra is associated physically to brain, the nervous system and the pineal gland.

2. Third eye chakra

It’s positioned on the level between the eyes.

The third eye chakra is connected to emotional issues such as imagination, wisdom and thus the ability to reason and make informed decisions.

Also, third chakra has physical association such as the eyes.

The chakra gives us the ability to focus at spiritual levels and see the bigger picture. Hence, you will be able to see interconnections of this world.

3. Throat chakra

Its other name is visuddha and it’s positioned at the throat.

Throat chakra has physical connection to the respiratory system, teeth and vocal cords.

Also, it is connected to emotional issues such as telling the truth, and self-expression of feelings during communication.

The chakra signifies your ability to communicate.

4. Heart chakra

Also, referred to anahata since it represents love, self-acceptance and relationships.

The heart chakra signifies our ability to love.

It’s positioned at the center of the chest and is connected to emotional issues such as joy, inner peace and love.

Also, it has physical association such as the heart, lower lungs, immune system and the circulatory system.

5. The solar plexus chakra

 Also known as manipura and situated in the stomach area.

Normally, the solar plexus chakra signifies your ability to remain confident and control your life.

The chakra has emotional connections to self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Also, there is physical connections to the liver, pancreas, and digestive tract.

6. Sacral chakra

Its other name is swadhisthana and it’s situated below the navel.

It signifies your ability to accept new experiences and people.It has physical association to the kidneys, immune system and reproductive organs.

Besides, it has emotional connection to the sense of abundance, pleasure and sexuality.

7. Root chakra

Also known as muladhara and it represents the way we connect to outside world.

It’s positioned at the base of the spine and has emotional connection to survival issues such as money, career and gives you the sense of belonging.

How Do You Say Chakra?

Chakra is pronounced differently with regard to the area you are from.

However, the term should be pronounced as Chak-ra and not “Shock-ra” or “Shakra”.

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