Am sure you might be wondering what Tai chai is? It is a self-paced form of gentle physical exercise and stretching where each of its postures flows into the next without a pose.

This exercise is important to anyone whose intention is to improve his health and balance of the body.

This activity always ensures that your body is in a constant motion no matter the time, place, and situation for the benefit of your body.

It is one of the best activities to keep you fit, it has various styles that can make it not boring activity.

Each style is an indicator of various Tai chai principles and methods that any interested individual can participate in.

How many times a week should you do tai chi?

The number of times you practice it depends on how comfortable you are and how flexible your schedule is Since it’s an activity to relax the body it is most advisable to do it at least two to three times a week just to maintain the tempo anytime you think about it.

It should be done for 20 to 30 minutes daily for a beginner should be sufficient time to help you learn the posture and styles that can help you develop a routine that you will follow throughout the period you practice it.

Since it is not an activity that makes you harm your body, you could practice two to three times a week depending on your work schedule.

This will help you blend in faster to learn the styles that would suit your routine later. additionally, it is an activity that helps you feel motivated to embark on whatever you were doing.

So even by just trying to figure out which styles suit you will benefit so much from it.

The fact that you feel relaxed after practicing this activity should be enough motivation to keep you going if you are an individual who needs what is best for his body.

For someone who is conversant with the routine, it is advisable to do it daily since it just requires commitment from your side.

When you are committed to a certain goal it will not be difficult for you to practice it daily this is because you are not a beginner and it’s not like you are learning any new styles.

To make it more entertaining and retain zeal every time you do it. you can practice it for 10 to 15 minutes a day. this period is just enough to keep you going. since it is not too long or too short for an individual.

Such a time frame is considerable for you to manage in your tight schedule and focus for a while on your physical and mental health.

Instead of doing it just once a week for a period of time. it is much easier to distribute it across the week evenly.

Practicing it frequently is also beneficial to your training since it is easy to learn a new style if you are conversant with the basic styles.

Although incorporating a new style may take you time to eventually feel comfortable, this is a plus since it guarantees that you have perfected your basics and you are set for the new challenges ahead of you.

In class when practicing you always learn the fundamentals of posture to make, stand, and walk.

These are essential skills that help you to create a routine when your mental state is at ease.

But if you can not grasp this basic, then the chances are you will have a rough time knowing the number of times you should practice in a week.

When practicing you train your body to move in a unified manner, this makes it possible to transfer power from your legs and waist to your hands practicing.

It helps you improve your health and balance in the activity that you will be doing.
For those whose work schedule is flexible, you can manage twice a day.

That there are styles that you can do in the morning while other styles can be done in the evening.

Doing Tai chi twice a day is very recommendable because there are different energies related to ying and yang specifically early in the morning and in the evening which is beneficial to your daily practice.

So if you want to get the most out of your practice that you intend to do it more frequently.

Therefore this activity can be done two times a week, three times to four, or even days a week depending on the styles you have incorporated into your routine and how comfortable you are to practice.

To some people you can even do it twice a day since you get different energies at different times of the day.

It all depends on you as an individual if it works for you in the evening then do it, if not probably evenings are the best time for you.`

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