You cannot put a tag on Tai Chi’s worth as it is invaluable.

From the philosophy to the way of life and the physical exercises, one cannot quantify the amount of money to pay for the lessons.

However, there are different pricing models various Tai Chi schools use to quantify the pricing.

I will discuss them, basing on first-hand experience and research.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Tai Chi Classes and their Effect on Cost

Class Modules

You can choose to attend among the various class modules, among them:-

  • Regular Classes – the class setting is pegged on a curriculum and timing developed by the tai chi school. There is a calendar that determines the students’ intake, course duration and module lessons coverage.
  • Private Lessons – it is a one-on-one class with the master. The master customises the lessons, and you get the best of every step. It might cost more than a regular class, but the impact is significant.


The total amount payable for the whole class also determines the intake.

To make it more achievable, most Tai Chi schools have flexible payments spread over time.

The Tai Chi school that I went to had a flexible payment model that spread out the cost across the semester.

I paid the class cost in monthly instalments, which spread out the burden to manageable levels.

Some Tai Chi schools break down the cost to hourly, daily, and weekly to cater to different clientele.

Others come up with occasional offers to push up enrolment.

Reason for Joining

You can join Tai Chi for the following reasons:-

  • Health Reasons – in ancient China, Tai Chi was a good source of mental and physiological therapy. Joining the art for health reasons rates higher as it involves a trained physiologist
  • Body Training – it is among the lowest-paid classes as it focuses on the outer body parts
  • Self-defence – it is among the most expensive as it trains both the body and the mind.

Actual Tai Chi Class Costs

Classes go as low as £5 and as high as £108 per day per person.

For those that prefer monthly payments, the rate is modest as it is spread over the month.

The deal becomes better if you either comes as a family or attend combined classes with other martial arts such as Kung Fu.

If you want to get the best offer, consider a wholesome class that teaches you both Tai Chi Philosophy, movements and martial arts.

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